What Is My Alcoholic Drink Of Choice?🍹

Bottoms up! 🍸
But wait! Are you going for the safe option again? Or worse, ordering what your friend got? Time to find your very own drink!
Answer these questions about yourself to find out which tasty beverage you should pick based on your taste and personality! 🍺

Maybe it will be your old standby, or maybe you'll find a tasty, tingly new tipple to tickle your taste buds!
Go on, take the test and answer the question: "What's my drink!" 🍷

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    Your friends would most likely describe you as _______.

Comments (7)


52 days ago
I've never even tried tequila.. More of a whiskey fan tbh
275 days ago
One 🍺 two 🍺 how many 🍺 ?

360 days ago
Eww, I hate beer. I like wine instead, has a good taste to it.
662 days ago
huh beer.. pretty accurate lmao
740 days ago
Spelling error galore
876 days ago
i dont now what this is
1044 days ago
this quiz was acurate! i pretty much only throw back beers.