What's your flavour?

Take this test and find out how do you taste. mmmm...yammmy!

Question 1:Very common question: What's your favourite color?
hot red
light green

Question 2:What do you do when you loose your temper?
turn very red and go to the bathroom to cry
scream as loudly as you can
try to solve things out; you don't wanna a war with anybody
beat everyone that comes in your way

Question 3:How often do you pray? Or do you even believe in God?
about every night before I go to bed
well....let me think.... 2 or 3 times a month
I'm not so sure...when I feel the need...
who says I need to pray? I can manage by myself.

Question 4:Do you like swimming?
in the sea, at sunshine....really romantic
in a jacuzzi, with all my friends and some gossips...
I guess in a swimming pool it would be just fine...
in the ocean, near a coast...why not some surfing?

Question 5:Your friend turns up at your place, unexpectedly, and you really aren't in the mood to hang out. You...
you invite him/her in, give him/her a drink, and try to make him/her feel good....even if you're not
tell him/her to leave, cause he/she wasn't invited
tell him/her your mom needs you to help her with something, and only chat for a few minutes
you don't even open the door, and pretend you're not home...why is this f**k**g person bothering you at all?

Question 6:Imagine you just had an accident, while in a car with family or friends. You're the only one which is conscious. what do you do?
you try to find a phone and call the police, or an ambulance
try to save yourself, and then think about the others
run as fast as I can, to meet some people and bring help
try to get everyone out of the car and do all I can to save them

Question 7:True and deeply love is something...
that I truly believe in.....and in fact, I'm really living it
a stupid, senseless affirmation
that you find once in lifetime...one day...
that's kind of impossible to find, but once found...it brings the hottest pleasures, and strongest feelings..

Question 8:A coincidence is...
a sign from up above
just a coincidence
the strange suitability of two things
I love coincidences! they give me sooo many ideas!!

Question 9:You eat...
just healthy things, and keep an eye on my silhouette
anything bitter, salty, or hot...
everything a normal people does
just junk food, or sweets....or anything that counts among my favourites...

Question 10:What do you think about this test?
I find it really nice, relaxing, and amusing..can't wait to see the results
I hate it....it's so senseless....and stupid
....it's ok...
why do I need to take this to find out things about myself? it's so useless...

This Quiz has been designed by Ioana.