What kind of fruit are YOU?
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What kind of fruit are YOU?

Have you ever wondered that is you were a fruit, what kind you would be? If so, take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:What kind of face do you have?
if its summer - round and sunburned
thin - a little long
long and kind of squashed

Question 2:What are you like?
Sweet - everyone wants me!
Weird - there are no words to describe me!
Sour - I make people drool and pucker!

Question 3:What's your configuration on the dating front?
They want me for only for a few quick squeezes
They'll only deal with me after my clothes are off!
They always want me on top!

Question 4:How many friends do you have?
lots! I am pop-u-lar!
very few
a fair amount

Question 5:What's your favorite color?

Question 6:What's your favorite desert?
an icecream sundae
a banana split, of course!
a sweet, refreshing pie

Question 7:What color is your hair?
yellow, brown, or even green!
dirty blonde

Question 8:What do you look like?
wide and - short
small and kinda plump
tall and thin

Question 9:What's your biggest problem?
I peel in the winter time
My twin is always around!
no one likes me!!

Question 10:What's your skin like?
weird and squishy
smooth and soft
bumpy and rough

This Quiz has been designed by Julie.