Which fruit are you?
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Which fruit are you?

Lots of people have already taken a test like "What's your personality". Lots of people have also tried tests like "What kind of dog/cat/car are you?", but lots of people never thought "What kind of FRUIT am I?". You want to know? Take the test and check it out!

Question 1:   Most of your friends would say that you are:

Question 2:   Your favorite colour, is, of course:
Red (it makes me feel like a hot stuff!)
Green (it makes me feel closer to Nature)
Orange (it makes me feel sweet and energic)
Eeeehh.. I don't know, but it must be exotic!
Yellow (it makes me feel so happy!)

Question 3:   When you're at a party, you're most likely to be:
Cracking lokes in front of a large crowd
It depends on my mood
On the dancefloor, showing my new dance style
Outside with my lover, sitting on a bench together and looking at the stars
Laying on the couch, kissing a hot guy

Question 4:   When you're going out with somebody for the first time, you:
Invite him/her in a nightclub where we can only dance mambo and salsa!
Make him/her laugh
Flirt a lot (too much?)
Invite him/her in a beautiful restaurant with a lot of candles
Stay with him/her all day long and discuss a lot, to know him/her better

Question 5:   In high school, you were:
Turning on all the guys one by one
Trying new outfits everyday, to create my own style!
Always falling in love with somebody
The class clown
With my friends, and I didn't really care about anybody else (except my lover)

Question 6:   What kind of shoes do you wear?
High heels
Old-fashioned shoes, which I customized
Clown shoes sometimes
Ballet shoes

Question 7:   When you're feeling sad and down, what kind of music do you listen to?
I don't listen to music, I watch my favourite's humorist best sketches
Sad songs (Mariah Carey "My all" for example)
Hot chocolate "Hot stuff"
I don't listen to music, but to the sound of the waves

Question 8:   Do you like romantic movies?
I like almost all the kinds of movies
Well, not really, I prefer the movies made with little budgets (Brazilian movies and Mexican movies are cool!)
Yes, but with more hot scenes it would be better
No, it bores me

Question 9:   Which of these jobs would you like to have?
Nightclub dancer
Love stories writer
Is ecologist a job?

Question 10:   Would you go out with a guy/a girl who's not sexy?
Noooooo waaayyyyyy!
If he/she's nice and friendly, why not
I don't know, I'm already in love right now...
It depends
If he/she knows what humor is, well, yeah

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