What Kind of Fruit Are You? Fruit Personality Quiz

Do you love to eat fruit more than you like to be with people because fruit tastes amazing and people are generally disappointing? Ever wondered if you are secretly a fruit in disguise, or whether you are more of (for instance) a banana than an apple? Then this fruit personality quiz is for you! Maybe you'll be your favorite fruit in the whole fruit bowl...but you'll never know if you don't take this fruit personality quiz now!

  • 1
    What's your favorite color out of these?
    What's your favorite color out of these?
  • 2
    You get your results back from a math exam and discover that you failed. How do you react?
  • 3
    Someone comes up to you in the street one day and announces very loudly, "I am a squirrel!" How do you react?

  • 4
    One of your closest female friends is really upset. Which of these are you most likely to do?
  • 5
    What color is your hair?
  • 6
    Which of these are you most likely to be found doing at a party?

  • 7
    Which of these pastimes do you/would you enjoy the most?
  • 8
    Which of these kinds of books do you like the most?
  • 9
    Which word(s) do you say the most often?
  • 10
    Which of these would you say is your most annoying trait? (If you don't do any of these, just pick the one that's closest to something you actually do.)

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756 days ago
i once ate a whole tin of raw tuna
1875 days ago
jamass girtmann smell like wakco locko mocko
1875 days ago
right everybody think that too im going to collage to go to the nfl.
2455 days ago
I'd cry all day because everyone thinks I'm good at maths when my grades are dropping and I'd get told off by my parents and they'd be really disappointed