What Icecream Flavor Are You?
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What Icecream Flavor Are You?

I'm strawberry, what about you?

Question 1: What is your favorite color ?

Question 2: If you saw someone doing graffiti on the wall at school, what would you do?
Where's the spray can?! I want to do it too!
What's he writing? I think I'll stick around and watch.
Hey, it's not my problem! Don't look at me!
Where is the teacher?! Where is the teacher?!

Question 3: If someone was eating your favorite snack, what would you do?
Give that to me! (punch him/her in the face)
Ew! His teeth are yellow. Wow I never saw anyone with 20 crowns!
Can you give that back?! It's mine, back off.
I want my cookie back! I'm gonna tell on you!

Question 4: Somebody is sleeping on the train, and it's the last stop.
Shake him, then run away and hide.
Conductor! This man is sleeping, I don't want to wake him up!
What a weird way to snore!
Leave him alone. Hey, he's tired!

Question 5: If you found a $20 bill laying on the ground...
It's my lucky day! Now I can get that c-d I always wanted.
Pick it up and use it for evil schemes.
You make sure no one is looking, then snatch it.
Take it to a local police station, and get a reward.

Question 6: On spare time you...
I've always wondered what that graffiti said.
Watch t.v., surf the web, that kind of thing.
Read books, so you get an A+ in school.
I need money, say where's that kid I always pick on?!

Question 7: If you found out that your best friend was a witch/wizard, what would you do.
I don't believe in that kind of stuff. That's stupid.
Can you turn me into a monkey?!
There's no way that can happen, I think.
Cool! I have a witch/wizard as a friend.

Question 8: What would you have for a pet?
A giraffe would be cool.
Python, any poisonous snake.
Big fluffy, cute bunny or hamster.
Dog or a cat.

Question 9: What's your favorite invention?
Cell Phone.(you could prank call people)
The light bulb was the first invention!

Question 10: What would you do if your dog was chewing on a sock?
Mom would get really mad!
It's not mine.
This is getting REALLY annoying.
This whole sock chewing thing is interesting.

Question 11: Is this test annoying?
These are weird questions.
You kiddin' me? I love all kinds of tests!
It's okay.
I just want to finish this.

Question 12: What's your favorite design?

Question 13: When you hear a bump in the night...
That happens all the time.
I ignore and go back to sleep.
I get up and investigate.
I'm scared!

Question 14: What kind of dog would you have?
Pit Bull.
Golden Retriever.

Question 15: Do you like Brittany Spears as a singer?
Brittany Spears? I avoid her!
She's okay.
She's weird
I love her music!

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