What Icecream Flavour are you?
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What Icecream Flavour are you?

Rocky Road, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry

Question 1:   Your choice of outfit would be...?
mismatched items
Jeans and a T-Shirt, nothing special
Sleek sexy dress with strappy shoes
Knee Length with matching flowery shirt

Question 2:   If you were to describe your look, what would you say?

Question 3:   If you were given the choice of these foods, what would you pick?
cookie shaped like a bunny
Rich and creamy dessert
pickles with caramel sauce

Question 4:   Which male actor do you find most attractive?
Brad Pitt...he's just so nice
Colin Farrell...gods gift to women!
I want more pickles...
Elijah Wood...he played a cute little elf!

Question 5:   Your favourite animal would be...?
Duck Billed Platypus
Bunny Rabbit
Wild Cat

Question 6:   You're favourite topping on desert would be...?
Nothing, I like it how it is
anything creamy and sweet

Question 7:   Which movie would you pick to watch?
Steamy Romance
Anything with killer pickles
Whatever is playing

Question 8:   People think I'm...
Very outgoing and such a flirt!
A nice, friendly person, but not outgoing
Psychopathic and weird
Sweet and cute, and never bothers anybody

Question 9:   If someone showed you a plain white shirt, how would you jazz it up?
Make it shorter at the waist, and lower at the neck and write "sexy" in glitter!
A plain white shirt is fine how it is
put lots of holes in it and paint huge blue and green spots and write "Pickle Mania"
Draw a little pink heart in the centre

Question 10:   This quiz was...
I need to go and find some boys....
Where's my pickle and caramel!
So Cute!

This Quiz has been designed by Kirsty.