What Cereal Are You?
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What Cereal Are You?

From Cheerios to Lucky Charms, cereals are balanced part of everyone's diet. Find out what cereal are you!

Question 1:I am...
LOUD, baby, YEAH!
Temptingly geometrical

Question 2:You spy your soulmate in the mall. Your friend later asks you what he/she looked like. You say...
"He could fly. It's such a turn on."
"He was short, green, and funny-sounding..."
"He was furry...very furry."
"Omg, they're so cute --- small, and dressed funny, and omg, get this --- there's three of them!!!"

Question 3:Your favorite color is...
RAINBOW -smiles and jumps around-
Stripes. That IS a color, right...?
Golden honey...mmm...
Red...no, wait...green...no, wait...blue...!

Question 4:Someone took your place line for lunch. You react by...
Perform a spell.
Burp. What?
Talk excessively and annoy the hell out of him.
Stinging him.

Question 5:What's your perfect date?
A dinner at a homey restaurant, followed by a hilariously sweet movie. Perhaps some making out later... -winks-
TRIPLETZ!!! -faints-
Carnival time! I'm going on the Ferris Wheel...!!!

Question 6:You're in a gameshow. You ring the buzzer, and you have answer --- what do you say?
"GRBABLALSBALEAAAAAAA!!!!!" -runs out of room-
"Aye, that would be...THREE!"
You can't answer ---- your multiple selves are arguing who should speak

Question 7:It's raining, and you can't go outside. You...
Play with your siblings.
Destroy all the house in your rant.
Smile at how big the flowers are growing...
Sulk for your homeland --- it never rains there. :-(

Question 8:You hate...
Getting caught. -suspiciously glances-
Silence. Grrr.
Frogs. What? They're scary!!!
Scissors. Hair is good...very gooooooood.

Question 9:Your favorite song is...
Welcome to the Jungle (Guns and Roses)
Hearts, stars, and horseshoes --- clovers and balloons...!
The Three of Us (Austin Powers 2)

Question 10:On your yearbook, the caption under your picture reads...
"Most likely to be straight-jacketed more than once."
"C'mere, lassies..." -sexy smile-

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