What kind of EXOTIC FOOD are you?
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What kind of EXOTIC FOOD are you?

This one's biased from the start, because exotic is only as funky as the countries you don't live in. To 'spice things up' a bit, I've included a bland yet charming Canadian possibility. Do you dare?

Question 1:Which of the following best describes your clothing style?
Functional and sort of ugly
Intricate and carefully planned
Flashy, dramatic, and timeless
Racy and maybe a tad too revealing
Colourful yet simple; alluring yet pure

Question 2:What is your favourite fruit?

Question 3:What sort of music gets you in the mood for romance?
Wildly beating drums
Subtle yet twangy classical strings
Stuff with lots of rattles and sexy vocals
Boozy fiddle music

Question 4:You would describe your relationships as:
Healthy, relaxing, and with soft, somewhat predictable sex
Frequent - and each one more exciting than the last
Simple, erotic, and somewhat clandestine
Comfortable and committed, with lots of good-natured arguing and shouting
Stiff and a little formal

Question 5:Which activity appeals to you the most?
Dancing and sipping cocktails till dawn
Playing hockey until you bleed
Arranging dried flowers
Engaging in lively debate with a large group of friends
Swimming in a turquoise ocean with sun-tan breaks

Question 6:When blamed for an error at work that was not your fault, you:
Apologize and bend over backwards to make your boss respect you again
Refuse to apologize, flirt with everyone but the boss, and quit, with a dramatic yet calculated stomp out of the building
Say nothing, and go for a hike or a walk in the park to clear your head
Apologize but secretly seethe at the injustice
Scream and carry on about what an idiot your boss is, then rat out the real culprit in front of all your co-workers

Question 7:You think of your parents as:
Annoying and always in your face
As friends - quiet peers in a way
Great buddies to get drunk with
To be respected and served
Interfering but very loving

Question 8:Your ideal vacation would include:
A relaxed tour through any city with good food and art
A hitchhike adventure that will take you as far as the next car goes
A bus tour of a country on a different continent
Romping through ancient ruins, with trips to the pub in the evening
Touring the world by sailboat

Question 9:Your favourite drink:
A fruity cocktail
Red wine

Question 10:Your friends perceive you as:
Polite and demure
A little conservative, but with a sarcastic, witty side
Calm, dreamy, and peaceful
Wild and with a thirst for adventure
Opinionated and emotional

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