What kind of meat are you?
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What kind of meat are you?

Have you ever thought to yourself "Who am I?" and "What kind of meat would I be?" This quiz will let you know . . .

Question 1:   What is your first thought when waking up in the morning?
Time to dig a hole to China!
I want some steak
Where is my kitty?
I never wake up in the morning

Question 2:   When bored at work, what do you daydream about?
I don't work
Eating everyone else's lunches
Playing with my kitty
Why does everyone always stare at me?

Question 3:   You're driving and see a hot guy/girl jogging. What do you do?
Wonder why he/she is following you
Smile to yourself and stay silent
Honk the horn and yell obscenities
I can't afford a car right now, so this question doesn't apply to me

Question 4:   What's your favorite color?

Question 5:   Can you touch your toes easily without bending your knees?
I can't do it
No, I don't want to try it
My toes hate me and would appreciate me not touching them right now
Of course, I do it every morning

Question 6:   How many plants do you have in your home?
Plants also hate me and conspire against me
37 and counting
5 dead/dying ones

Question 7:   What was the length of your last serious relationship?
My shrink and I are still happy together
I don't believe in monogamy
I can't seem to make anything work
Does this count kitty?

Question 8:   How often do you watch T.V. on a daily basis?
T.V. and I have many interesting conversations for hours on end
I prefer to read instead
3 hours
Once in a while I'll catch a show if I'm in an electronics store and see something on display

Question 9:   What time of the day do you feel most alive?
Whenever I find a penny
4 am
The question is, when do I not feel alive?
10 am

Question 10:   What do your friends say they admire most about you?
If by "friends" you mean you're including TV, well I'm a class act
My devotion to my kitty
How awesome I am
Sometimes you have to be your own best friend

Question 11:   What is your favorite fabric?
Patchwork quilt

Question 12:   What cocktail do you most enjoy during a night out on the town?
Puddle of water will suit me just fine, as long as it's free
150 proof anything
Milk, straight up
Mint/honey/cherry/rum concoction

Question 13:   What is your favorite gift to give?
The lifesource that feeds within all of us
Extra yarn for sewing patches
Homemade card, straight from the heart

Question 14:   What are your cleaning habits?
I clean every day, dust is horrible
Had I things to clean, I would once in a while
I clean when I feel like it
If by cleaning you mean collecting everything I've ever come across and never throwing anything out, well that's every day

Question 15:   What is your favorite animal?
Great White Shark
The one with beady eyes that looks at me through my windows at night
The common street rat

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