What kind of rice are you?
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What kind of rice are you?

In today's busy world, there are many different styles of rice to choose from. Ever wondered what you are? Take the quiz below to find out.

Question 1:   What is your dream car from the list below?
Dodge Viper
Ford F350
Acura NSX

Question 2:   If you had a choice, where would you go out of your country to visit?
I wouldn't travel out of the USA
New York City

Question 3:   Have you ever had this on your car:
Euro Plate
Airbrushed portrait of mother Mary
Vtec sticker
Gucci or Louis Vuitton print
Confederate Flag

Question 4:   What is your motive when doing donuts in a parking lot?
To give my beast a little exercise
I don't do donuts
To show off for buddies
To celebrate something
I can't do donuts in my car

Question 5:   What is your motive when running a top speed test?
To pass the car in front of me
I'm drunk/high or both
A lust for pure adrenaline
To outrun the border patrol
To hear them flow's growl

Question 6:   What kind of fuel do you normally purchase?
93 premium
89 standard
whatevers cheapest
110 race fuel
I don't buy my gas

Question 7:   When you go looking for women, where do you normally go?
The bar
The mall
The Club
I don't have to look for women, they come to me.

Question 8:   When you see a cop, what do you do?
Slow down
Find my fake green card
throw out the weed
Speed up
I don't care about cops

Question 9:   If you had $5000 to invest in a car, what would it be for?
body kit
custom paint job
Lift and some 33" swampers

Question 10:   Where do you work?
i don't/ welfare

Question 11:   If you had a sticker on the side of your car, what would it say?
El Nino
..(japanese lettering)..!
Tweety bird

Question 12:   When you get in a wreck, what do you scream?
Fuck this!
Son of a bitch!
Awwww, damn.
la mierda!

Question 13:   What would you watch in your car when you're driving?
Fishing shows
World Cup Soccer videos
Music Video

Question 14:   What kind of music do you ride to?

Question 15:   What do you think about spoilers?
medium sized, not too big
I enjoy a minimal spoiler, for looks and actual use
2 deck airplane wing is a necessity
Only if I can airbrush it
how is a spoiler going to fit on my escalade?

This Quiz has been designed by Joe Johnson.