What Soda are you?
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What Soda are you?

Out of all the carbonated beverages which one is most similar to your personality?

Question 1:If you are invited to a party how do you decide whether or not you will attend?
If its a party you are there
You find out who else is going
You decide whether or not you will have fun
You would have to see if it is the type of party you would want to attend

Question 2:You are given an important responsibility how do you react?
You put it off until the last minute and pull an all-nighter to get it done
You do it well, you wouldn't want people to think you were lazy
You double check all the rules and regulations before you get started and then you make sure everything you do meets with the expectations of the person who gave you the responsibility
You know this is the kind of thing to do the traditional way but you know there is a crazy more interesting way to do it

Question 3:You just got a new car you...
read the owners manual
talk about it with all your friends
see how fast you can do donuts in the field behind your house
drive to the beach for fun in the sun

Question 4:There is a snow storm and the next day it is sunny but the ground is covered you
stay inside most of the day keeping warm
Find some people to hang out with
go sledding and build a snowman
put your bathing suit on and go surfing down the nearest hill

Question 5:You have something to attend you will arrive there
at least 5 minutes early
fashionably late
when ever it starts, you don't want to miss out on anything
Whenever you can...you don't really plan on much

Question 6:A friend invites you to go snowboarding( you have never done this before) you...
Search the internet for information on snowboarding the week before your trip
go you always enjoy learning something new
go and hit the black diamond slopes right off
go because you know you will enjoy being with your friend

Question 7:In school you would be voted
most fun to be around
class clown
most popular
most studious

Question 8:Your favorite kind of music is
the band that you just drove 3 hours to go see
Pop/ rock
something with a good beat
nothing too crazy

Question 9:You drive/ wish you drove
a convertible
an SUV
a Volvo
a truck

Question 10:Your favorite soda is
Mountain Dew

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