What kind of soft drink are you?
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What kind of soft drink are you?

Are you Pepsi? Are you Sprite? Are you Dr. Pepper? Are you dying of suspense right now wondering? If you are take this test!

Question 1:   You arrive late to your 3rd period class because of a fight in the hallway. You...
Apologize over and over again. First to your teacher, then to your teacher. Using big words and all.
are in the principal's office. You were the one fighting.
are in the principal's office trying to calm one of the fighters down. You're always helping people.

Question 2:   You're at the mall at Christmas time, when Santa Clause's little helpers start to give out candy canes to everyone. You...
Snatch all the candy canes from the basket and from the little kids.
run into the toy store and lead all the little kids out to basket.
walk past it all. Who needs all that silliness?

Question 3:   You're at the pet store and you can get any animal you want. You get a...
Golden Retriever. They're so loyal and always helping people.
Goldfish. They're so simple and easy to take care of.
Rottweiler. The most ferocious looking on there.

Question 4:   You're getting on the bus and they are only two seats left for 3 people: you, an elderly woman, and small child. You...
let the woman have the seat, but make the kid stand. You're older. They should learn to respect their elders.
Push both out of the way and spread your legs across both seats.
let the two of them have the seats and read a story to the little kid.

Question 5:   Someone asks if you'll let them cheat off your geometry exam since you're the best in the class. You...
say yes and give them all the wrong answers.
say no, but that you'll tutor them.
raise your hand and tell the teacher. Kids these days!

Question 6:   It's time for the annual Christmas pageant at your church. Who are you?
I'm helping entertain the little angels before they go on.
a Shepard as usual.

Question 7:   How is your relationship with your siblings?
We remain civilized as long as they don't mess with my computer.
We are constantly fighting. They are so annoying!
OMG! We love each other! I don't know what we're going to do when one of us goes off to college!

Question 8:   You're in detention. Why?
I'm the detention monitor, because I can take charge better than any teacher.
I was late. A poor little kitty was wondering down the street without a home.
I skipped school to hide someone's cat. It was wondering down the street and this teacher's pet found it and was like, "Well, aren't I sooooo special?" I hate that person!

Question 9:   The most popular person in school gives you their phone number. You...
got the number so that you could help them with a personal problem.
throw it away. You don't have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Question 10:   Your given report to do on a book that you've heard was the most boring book ever. You...
love the book! You think that everyone is just trying to think of something to complain about. As usual!
use your cousin's report from 2 years ago. Hey, he goes to another school. They'll never know.
Read the book realize that it has an inspirational meaning behind and write the report on that hoping you'll change lives.

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