Are you a "BEST FRIEND"?
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Are you a "BEST FRIEND"?

Question 1:   A true best friend is someone that:
Will take you shopping for new clothes.
Only comes around when the situation benefits them.
Will be honest, caring, and there for you no matter what the situation.

Question 2:   Your best friend's car breaks down and needs you to come pick her up. At the moment that he/she calls you are out to eat with your boyfriend, what do you do?
Tell your best friend that you are in the middle of dinner, but you will call someone else to pick he/she up.
Explain to your man what has happened, tell him how sorry you are, gather your things, and take off out the door to help he/she out.
Tell your best friend that you are in the middle of dinner, and that as soon as you finish you will be there.

Question 3:   You are having a stressful day with your work and your love life; who do call when you just can't take anymore?
Best Friend.

Question 4:   Your best friend is throwing a surprise birthday party for their teenage daughter, and is running behind schedule. What would you do to try and help he/she out?
Go ahead and go to he/she house and start decorating etc.
Don't answer the phone when he/she tries to call. You have better things to do.
Tell he/she that you would love to help, but you're just not in the mood to be around a bunch of wild teenagers.

Question 5:   Your best friend is having problems with their spouse, and really needs a place to spend a few nights. It's really not good timing, because you are true loving with your spouse. What do you do?
Cancel all plans of true loving for a few days, and tell he/she that they are always welcome, especially at times like these.
Tell your best friend to come on over, but when he/she gets there, you and your spouse move to the bedroom.
Ask your best friend if there is anyone else that he/she can stay with tonight, and come tomorrow.

Question 6:   Your best friend is behind on bills, and has just wrote a check knowing that he/she doesn't have the money in the bank to cover it. Your best friend would never do this, but the check was for an overdue power bill. What do you do?
Loan your best friend the money but complain about having to do it.
Tell your best friend that you don't have the money, and go shopping at the mall for clothes that you DON'T need.
Loan he/she the money and tell them don't worry about paying you back until everything is caught up.

Question 7:   You and your best friend are having a dispute about your best friend's spouse, and how you know that they would be much better off without their spouse. At the same time your best friend is having it out with he/she spouse over other issues that do not concern you. You know that he/she needs you now to be there for them, so what would you do?
Call your best friend and listen to what he/she is upset about, then after a few minutes say something like I Told You So!
Overlook that your best friend's spouse is a loser, keep your opinions to yourself, and be the best friend that he/she needs.
Ignore all calls that come from your best friend, and mumble to yourself, One day he/she will learn!

Question 8:   You are out shopping for nothing specific, and you come across this CD that your best friend has been searching for, for months, and there is only 2 left. What would you do?
Call your best friend as soon as you get home and tell he/she about the CD, and mention that they better hurry because there was only 2 left.
Never even mention it to your best friend.
Buy the CD, and head straight for he/she house to surprise them.

Question 9:   You're getting married, and there isn't but one person that you want to be involved in all the planning. Who is that person?
Soon to be Mother-In_Law.
Best Friend.

Question 10:   Best friends are friends that:
Share clothes, makeup, and cars. Only hang out when its convenient for one or the other.
Fight all the time about little things. Feel empty inside when they need someone. Would never call the other just to check on he/she.
Share secrets, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Call one another whether the call be for a reason or just to chat. Know that no matter what happens in life they will always have their TRUE BEST FRIEND by their side.

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