Are you a true BFF?

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In these few questions you will find out if your a true BFF. If you will be there for your BFF anytime, day or night. Answer these questions and find out.

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    Do you know your bffs favourite drink?

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508 days ago
🤩 Wow 🤩 Wow 🤩 Wow 🤩 Wow 🤩 Wow 🤩.
607 days ago
I’m the best BFF for her 🤞🏼🤧
674 days ago
Responding to :/ and harry potter
Just apologize, and tell them why you broke up with her. If she truly is your Bff, she'll understand and you both will get back together again. She doesn't... I think you understand she isn't truly your Bff. But this is just my opinion and my thoughts so don't take it too seriously. Anyway, I like this quiz though I'm a little offended I'm just a really good friend. Oh well, our friendship can change!
903 days ago
so good games
1062 days ago
dear :/ i also have the same situations as u i have already tried everything try to say sorry and persuade them i have also been suicidial and depressed
1104 days ago
sorry that this doesnt fit here but i really need some advice..

How can I get back with my ex-Bff after 7 months?

Like its all my fault,I broke up with her to try and protect* her but it all backfired and now i miss her more than anything.She was my everything..

*This was at a point of my life where i was really suicidal and depressed.I wanted to kill myself after I broke up with her and thought that way she wouldnt be as upset,but it ended up not working and i lived (luckily)

Please if you see this help me..any advice is valuable..I looked everywhere💖😞
1445 days ago
Your rhe best BFF ever. You always have your BFFs back.

I guess I am, love you Tylar your the greatest friend anyone can ask for you and mahki are amazing together as a couple!
1446 days ago
i am a true Bff. isn't that just great?
1447 days ago
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!