Are you a good friend?
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Are you a good friend?

Just a little test to see how a good a friend you are...

Question 1:Your best friend has just broken up with her man and calls you at 3am, you:
Shout at her to not be so inconsiderate, you're trying to get your beauty sleep!
Tell her to get over it, there's plenty of fish in the sea and he's a low life anyway
Tell her she'll be okay and should get some sleep - you'll be there first thing in the morning
Tell her you'll be right over

Question 2:Your best friend is leaving for overseas for a year on the same day as your boyfriend's birthday bash, do you:
Do you completely forget and don't even call her to say bye
Phone her and say goodbye and give her all your details so that you can keep in touch
Spend the evening with her and the morning until she has to leave, then go to your man's shindig
Spend the entire week with her and still take her to the airport and miss your man's party

Question 3:You hate your best friend's new man, why?
You hate sharing her with other people and get jealous if she doesn't spend time with only you
He treats her like gold and it's not fair - you also want a man like that
He keeps hitting on you and you can't tell her, because she really likes him
He isn't right for her and treats her like dirt, she deserves only the best!

Question 4:The last present you gave one of your friends, was:
Nothing. I don't do presents
Something you got given but didn't want
Something you knew she'd love because it was gift from the heart
A very expensive and overrated gift to show her that you are the best friend anyone could have!

Question 5:If your best friend asked to lend money, your response would be:
No ways. I don't lend out money to anyone
Sorry, but I don't trust you enough to return it when I need it.
Sure, but how much and when will I get it back.
Okay, here's R1000 more than you need, keep the change

Question 6:Your best friend has been seen flirting with one of your exes, do you:
Punch her lights out! Exes are off limits!
Spy on her to catch her out
Confront her and ask her if it's true or not
Tell her that she can be with whoever she wants, as long as she's happy

Question 7:Your friends have decided to have a girl's weekend away, you:
Say no ways am I spending two whole days with you guys! I'll go mad!
Um and ah, and politely decline, you'd rather stay here with your man
Say sure, but you've got to check your schedule
Say I'm in, when do we leave?!

Question 8:You miss a friend's birthday party, was it because:
You didn't feel like going, she'll have another one next year
You forgot, you've been so busy lately
You had other arrangements that were made before she invited you
You broke down or your grampa died and you couldn't make it

Question 9:Your friend is feeling sorry for herself and needs some comfort, do you:
Tell her to snap out of it, life's too short to mope
Tell her wonderful your life is at the moment and how happy you are, thinking she'll forget her problems
Take her out on the town and get her drunk
Take her for coffee and a good chat to cheer her up

Question 10:What is your thoughts on friendship:
I'll phone them when I need them
They're okay, but not necessary - I won't die without them
They're a part of my life and I love having them around
They're essential and I'd die without them!

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