Friendship Quiz
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Friendship Quiz

Have you ever wondered if your a good friend? Now here's your chance. You can find out if you're best buddies or if your just using them. but whatever it is, just have fun!

Question 1:You and your friend are out and see an ice-cream stand. You’re really craving for some. But you’re the only one with money. Do You:
You ask if they want some and buy some for the both of you
Screw them! I want that ice-cream.
You pass by and ignore it. It would be rude to eat it front of your friend
Hell yeah I’m gonna buy that! It’s the perfect chance to torture them. That bastard!

Question 2:Your on a road trip in your friends car with your friend and you stop for gas. Your friend barely has enough money. Do You:
Offer to pay for the gas
Say I’ll help pay... That’s if he asks if he asks.
Think, Hey it’s his car why should I pay?
Think, I’m hungry

Question 3:Someone calls and says your friend & some other people are going to the movies and then to eat out. He also said that he was gonna pay for everything . Do you:
Say, I’m there! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Think, now’s the perfect chance to see that movie. I knew I’d get a good use out of them.
I guess I’ll go, since he is paying

Question 4:You and your friend are walking down the street when a madman takes your friend hostage with a knife. Do you:
Run like the sissy you are
Try to talk to the madman to free your friend
call 911 then run for your life
point at them and laugh

Question 5:It's Christmas and your celebrating your it at their house. You see a big present sitting under the tree with your name. do you think:
Awesome I'm getting the stereo I wanted. Sucker!
This present doesn't even match the one I got for them!
Oh crap! I forget his present
Oh crap! I forget his present... oh well!
I'm Jewish!

Question 6:How do think of your friend
We're best buddies
What friend?
Just acquaintances
As my friend. Duh

Question 7:What are most of your relationships like?
We're close
Really close
use 'em then bruise 'em!

Question 8:How long do your relationships last? Be honest. Especially if you are a real bitch/bastard.
Into the after life
I told you already. I don't have anymore friends... they're all dead
one day
you're kiddin me, right

Question 9:one day your uh... Forget it

Question 10:Do you even have any friends? Be honest.
yes. tons
why . Does it matter

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