Are You A Good Friend
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Are You A Good Friend

Hey! Sometimes you wonder how good of a friend you are, well that's what this quiz is all about it's to test your reliability towards your friend, and your trustworthiness, and so many different characteristics on your part. Take the challenge find out because pretty soon you may end up with no friends at all.

Question 1:Your friend needs help babysitting and asks you to come over and hang for awhile so you can help her/him out, do you say you can't make it and blow them off?
Question 2:Do you and your friend hang out, then when you're with some other people you put your friend last, and have them dragging along with, when there just wandering alone?
Question 3:Have you ever lied to your friend? Don't worry if you have I won't tell.
Question 4:Have you ever wished you wouldn't be seen with your friend?
Question 5:Do you know all your friend's favorites? ex. music, movie, food, test yourself and find out.
Question 6:Have you ever gotten in a fight over a stupid cause, and never wanted to speak to them again?
Question 7:Do you think you and your friend have many things in common and should always be together?
Question 8:Is there a time when you just wanted to hurt your friend for no reason, you just felt like hating them today?
Question 9:Can you tell when your friend's had a rough day, and maybe they don't want to talk about it?
Question 10:Do you want to be apart of your friend's life and always be there for them even when it's so unbearable, or people may even consider a huge loser?
Question 11:Do you not mind that you're not popular and that you can just have a good time with your friend?
Question 12:Is there anything greater than friendship that could between you and you're friend?

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