Are you a true friend?
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Are you a true friend?

Are you a true friend? You are? Hmmm, let's see. This test will tell you if you live up to your friend's expectations.

Question 1:Your friend asks you for some money and says he/she will pay it back. You
Put your hand in your pocket without even hearing the rest of the story.
Make an excuse.Hey, your friend always pays you back late. Besides you need the money.
You give it reluctantly
"Sorry, didn't catch that. I'm a little deaf."

Question 2:Your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped them for you and you already liked them. Your friend doesn’t know it. He/she asks you for a date you
Refuse flat out. Who hurt your friend hurt you.
Are delighted and go out with your friend's ex without telling them.
Be honest. And tell your friend the truth and then decide what to do.
"I have had a crush on you since like...FOREVER!"

Question 3:Your friend borrowed your lucky sweater and shrank it. You
Totally blow up at them and yell, "Why do you hate me?!"
Say it's O.K. but deep down you think, "I'll pay 'em out."
You forget about it. Your friend is more important than sweaters.
Don't talk them for a while but eventually come around.

Question 4:Your friend tells you that your boyfriend/girl friend is making unwanted advances. You
Don't believe your friend.
You believe everything your friend tells you. Hey, you guys have been buds for sooo long. Your friend wouldn’t lie!
You listen to both sides then decide fair and square.
Scream, "You're just jealous of my good-looks!"

Question 5:Your friend is wearing this outfit he/she thinks is so cool to the first day of high school. You know it's hideous and everyone will hate it. You tell your friend
"That like totally sucks!"
In a gentle manner that it might be better if she/he wears something else and you even offer to lend her/him your new T-shirt so they won't get hurt.
"That looks GREAT!" It would be a really funny joke if your friend walked into high school wearing THAT.
"My great Gran has better taste than you!"

Question 6:Your friend's mother is awfully sick and in the hospital. Both of you were going to BRITNEY SPEARS' LIVE CONCERT and now your friend doesn’t feel like going. Your friend needs you. You
Comfort your friend and then go to the concert late.
Go to the concert. You love Britney Spears. Besides the tickets cost a fortune!
You forget the concert and stay with your friend in their time of need. There will be plenty of concerts but not another friend like her/him.
You hate Britney Spears.

Question 7:Your friend hangs out with some other kids besides you and always drags you along. You don't feel comfortable at all. You
be honest with your friend and tell her/him that they can hang out with you and their other friends at different times.
Lie and say that you like your friend's friends.
Tell your friend that it's either you OR them.
"Sniff, sniff. But, I thought I was your bestest-bestest-best friend! WAH!!!"

Question 8:Your friend asks you to help them cheat on an important test. You
Help your friend out. That way the next time you'll be able to ask them to let you cheat.
You hate to see your friend so worried so you help them cheat after a long sermon and a promise to work hard.
You don't help your friend out. Unlike you she/he didn’t study hard. Your friend was out partying with her/his latest crush.
You gently refuse. Cheating is dishonest and if you keep it up your friend will have problems during the exams.

Question 9:Your friend sends you a note during Mr. Monty's algebra class that says, "Ol' Monty spray paints the bald part of his head. It's running down the back of his neck." Mr. Monty asks you to "give it here". You
Give it to him without a fight. That way you won't get into too much trouble.
Quietly take the blame. Your friend is already in deep @#$! and can't afford this little scene.
Put up a good fight but you have to give it up in the end.
"It wasn't me! I swear! I don't know nothing! It was him/her, honest!!!"

Question 10:Your friend has got a new haircut. It looks awful and when asked you say,
"It's not really you at all."
"It's, err... stunning."
"To tell you the truth, it doesn’t look so good. Maybe you should just change it again."
"You look like my 80 year old Aunt Florence who has no teeth!"

Question 11:Your friend is hurt, angry and crying. When you try to console them they blow up at you and say something rude. You say,
"Look, I know you're angry and hurt but taking it out on me isn't gonna help. I'm here for you, tell me what’s wrong."
"If you're angry and hurt there's no reason to yell at me."
"Please, don't cry like that... you look hideous!!!"
"Awww, quit your whining , bitch!"

Question 12:The most popular girl at school is just starting to like you and think that you're cool (which no doubt you are if you're taking this test) but then she starts saying rude and untruthful things about our friend. Your friend isn't there to protect herself. Your immediate reaction is to
Turn red but say nothing.
Advise her to shut-up and stuff something down her throat if she doesn’t listen to you.
Agree with her. Hey, this girl could make you one of the cool crowd.
Walk away.

Question 13:It's your friend's b-day and you're broke. You
Make some lame excuse. You're too ashamed to admit that you haven’t got any money. You're friend is too rich to understand.
Tell your friend the truth because you know they'll understand. You will make her something yourself.
You give them something you got on your own birthday, which you've never liked but still kept.
"It's your birthday? Ohmigosh! I didn't know."

Question 14:Your shy friend wants to join the track team but she/he won't join without you. You
Like track and join. Your friend needs your help, after all.
Don't join because you want your friend to stand up for herself/himself. After all, the world's a cruel place.
You refuse flat out. You detest getting sweaty and messy.
Hate track but join for your friend's sake.

Question 15:You think the creator of this test is definitely
Lame, just like the test.
A total genius.
Really cool, just like this test.

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