Are you a GOOD friend?

This quiz is to test whether you are a good friend or not.

Question 1:   When your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend dumped him/her, what do you do?
nothing... its their problem not mine!
Try to cheer them up, after all you know how they feel.
Try to find another one for them.
Yell at them that they don't have to be so sensitive.
Tell them the bright sides.

Question 2:   When you go to the mall and see your crush in a restaurant that your best friend hated (that came with you) what do you do?
Try to convince your friend to go to the restaurant.
Leave your best friend and go into the restaurant.
Walks away and see if you will get another chance next time.
yell at your friend to get lost
Beg your friend to go to the restaurant

Question 3:   When you find a really nice book and its the last one in stock and you know your friend wants it really bad because she had been searching all over the town for it, what do you do?
Buy it for her as a present and tell her to not pay you back
buy it for her but tell her to pay you back
pretend you don't see it and let your friend search for it herself
buy it and don't tell your friend about it
buy it and share it with your friend

Question 4:   Your best friend just got an F on their test, what do you do?
Nothing. Who cares anyway? At least I got a B!
Tease them about it so that they will feel worse! Revenge time!
Tutor them and make them promise they will try hard next time
Try to make them feel better
Tell them other people who got an F

Question 5:   You're sleeping and you got an sms in your handphone from your friend. They said that they need the homework assignments list or they will get in trouble. But you are really sleepy. What do you do?
Take out the paper and sms back
sms only what you remember
Continue sleeping. WHO CARES!
sms back to them saying "whatever!"
sms to them to ask their other friend.

Question 6:   You were asked to make a bookmark for your friend. But you have to go laminate it and print it. What do you do?
Get it over with and give it to your friend
Wait until your friend starts reminding you about it once every hour
Forget about it and when they ask about it just say you don't remember what they are talking about
Wait about a week and then do it right away
wait until your homework is decreasing and do it

Question 7:   How many close friends do you actually honestly truthfully have?

Question 8:   Your friend got ditched by her friends and you always see her walking alone at school. What do you do?
Who cares! I have my own friends.
Tease her about it! Payback time! I can finally insult her! Good!
Feel bad for her
Try to cheer her up
Be friends with her

Question 9:   Your best guy friend fell down your school stairs. But you have to return your overdue book to the library or else you have to pay and you only have 1 minute left. What do you do?
Hope that you can jump over him so that he won't be more hurt
Run and "accidentally" hit his injured knee and say sorry even though you don't mean it
Yell for help and then run to the library
Help him to stand up, yell for help and run to the library
Help him to walk slowly to the health center and then run to the library. Its worth it to pay!

Question 10:   You and your best friend hangs out in the popular crowd. You 2 are probably to leaders in the crowd. One day, your best friend was caught reading a dictionary and got kicked out of the crowd. All the people on your crowd start to tease them about being a nerd. You...
Tease them too. Image is VERY important!
Stay quiet
Tell the people in your crowd to shut up because they're not better than your best friend
Get out of the crowd and get back to being friends with your best friend.
Tease only once in a while

This Quiz has been designed by Natasha.