Are you a bestfriend--or the worst friend!

Tell the truth or else you'll never really know!

Question 1:   You're best friend calls and says she has a flu. You are planning on going to the movies w/ your other friends. Your plans:
Have a slight delay: You stop by for a little quality time and give her a get well balloon, and go on your way to the movies.
Not changed: You say, "I'm sorry you gotta miss out. Maybe next time..."
Have totally changed: You’re marching right over there to give her some soup and spend the day with her.

Question 2:   When was the last time you tried to "bond" with your friend?
Just now--DUH!
Since about yesterday or 2 weekends ago.
3-4 Month's ago.

Question 3:   Your teacher catches you reading a note from your friend, she says "If you don't tell who, you'll get detention." your reply is:
"I'm sorry but I can't tell you, so I'm taking the detention."
"Umm...********* did it. It was about work though...."
"It was me and ******** we've been passing notes

Question 4:   Your bestfriend's favorite color is..
I don't she's never told me. At least I don't think she has.
Umm...I think it's. ****** or *******.

Question 5:   Your closest bond with her is:
The way we ******** and ****** *******.
Let me think....
We just DO!

Question 6:   Your bestfriend failed a test and is really bummed out about it. You:
Say, "Well that's okay everyone else did too."
Rejoice! You passed the test! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Help her study for her retest.

Question 7:   Your bestfriend isn't allowed to go to Busch Gardens w/ you. You would:
Make sure that she comes no matter what.
Call, Jessica from down the street, she'll come instead.
Not go, a slumber party is just as good.

Question 8:   When you're with your bestfriend you guys:
Laugh and do everything together.
Talk and have fun.

Question 9:   The most you know about her family is:
Let's see. Her dad is a liar, her mom is a cook, and her sister is a brat, a BIG brat.
Well her mom loves buttons...her dad carved his name in a tree and her sister got grounded for plucking her eyebrows.
She has parents that are married and a sister who is 13 or maybe 15 no. . . . she looks old enough to be 17 .

Question 10:   I think that I'm:
A really understanding friend!
The bestfriend ever, we share everything!
A pretty good friend...YEAH I'm a...good friend.....

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