Are you a bad friend? The toxic friend quiz

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This is one of those cheesy Cosmo-style quizzes to tell if you are good to your girlfriends or not! Don't take me seriously, I'm no expert!

  • 1
    Your friend gets a new haircut, and it looks terrible! She comes to you for help and advice, and you....
  • 2
    You met your best friend's boyfriend a few months ago, and you had a huge crush on him right away. You confided in her for advice, and before you knew it, they were dating. You....
  • 3
    You're out with friends at a bar and one gets pretty wasted. You offer to drive her home (in her car) and hit a deer. You....

  • 4
    You go to your friend's cabin for the weekend and meet her hot cousin, and end up making out with him. At the end of the weekend, you realize she never found out. You....
  • 5
    If you were ever asked to be the maid of honor in her wedding, what would you have to say about your best friend on the DJ's microphone after a few too many glasses of champagne?
  • 6
    Why are you friends with your best friend, anyway?

  • 7
    If your best friend wrecked her car and needed a lift to work a few times, but lived fifteen minutes from your house, what would you tell her?
  • 8
    While saying over at a friend's after a party, you fall asleep on her bed while she sleeps on the couch with her boyfriend. He gets up in the middle of the night and somehow drunkenly ends up in bed with you, and you wake up together. You both have no recollection of the night, so how do you explain it to your friend when she asks?
  • 9
    During a long car ride, your best friend insists on listening to Britney Spears.... Which you hate. You....
  • 10
    You're out at a club, and a gross-looking guy comes onto the two of you on the dance floor. You....

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315 days ago
Bad friends exist, everyone leaves
416 days ago
Actually if it is someone i know then i might as well laugh of also and tell her the truth , but in a supportive way
586 days ago
Thx sooooooooooooooooooo much creater!!! I agree, ur way too good at coding, man, this is the only ever website I’ve ever seen that lets u type a comment without having to give in ur email and password (💗). Who else has the same problem? (Or is it just me? Ok then)
586 days ago
😑... this explains everything....

(Psst, who was the creater again? Who ever it was just saying- ur way too good at coding like- WAY too good.)
586 days ago
I got 100! 🤩
Yay! This explains why my fake friend shouldn’t be calling me fake, I got into a fight with my ‘friend’ and lucky 4 me, I framed her back and I won! Yasssssss
586 days ago
This test is quite accurate I think, like, me and my old friend got into a fight and she’s blackmailing me all the time just to make me look bad. Glad I did not take her old advice about ‘revenge’. Wait- so I guess I’m not the only one who’s experiencing this- right? 😳
635 days ago
I was 95% I got into a fight with my BFF about who I can and can’t talk to and I said your not the boss of me so stop acting like it then faced times her 10 minutes later crying then I took this I fell bad for her cause she is my only friend an now i have none
635 days ago
I was 95% I got into a fight with my BFF about who I can and can’t talk to and I sus your not the boss of me so stop acting like it then faced times her 10 minutes utes later crying then I took this I fell bad for her couse she is my only friend an now j have none
648 days ago
they said 50% and called me a push over friend it told me to be careful and that id die for my friends but i should be careful the world does not revolve around them your a human
667 days ago
Tf , it says im 80% bad friend, lol im ready to die for my friends, and i m more there for them when they need me than they are here when i need them, which is why im taking this test. Had to end a friendship, cuz well, i was the only only trying to make it work. Stupid of me.
688 days ago
this quiz is rigged I answered that I would do anything for my friend after all it is true whenever she is feeling down I chat with her online for hours until she feels better and whenever she feels insecure i talk her through and be positive and I still get a 68%? This is not okay this is rigged don't take it please.
694 days ago
I always leave friends because i worry if ill mess up there lives :c its true i am a pushover friend
696 days ago
It's so true!! I am a bad friend!
697 days ago
It says im 50% a bad friend, even tho i always CHAT with my bff, and i always help her when shes sad or mad! Bro this quiz is a lie, and if im a bad friend, i would've taken a revenge on my bff bc we fought on a misunderstanding thingy. But instead i apologise her :- The other users are right, this quiz is so untrue .-.
703 days ago
and also it says im pushy when i have to do what my friend wants to make them happy and im keeping it that way no matter what a quiz says about me
703 days ago
i hate this quiz it said im 60% bad friend and i basically treat my friends as my (which they are)and so i HAte it
722 days ago
Question 4: I would definitely tell her.
722 days ago
722 days ago
I seriously would just let my bestie have him not cuz she’s supposedly “hotter” than me but bc she’s my bestie and friendship is more important than any boy could ever be.
Sorry for my long speech...
723 days ago
lol hey TLSJG