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See how good of friend you are.

Question 1:If your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend keeps hitting on you, and your friend would really be hurt of she/he found out, what would you do?
Tell your friend
Tell him/her to quit or you will tell your friend
Have him/her break up with your friend, and hook up with you

Question 2:If you were suppose to pick up a friend for a party but they never called to finalize the plans, what would you do?
Leave with out them...hey...they never called
Get a hold of them to see if they were still planning on going
Stop by their house before you go to the party, to see what they were going to do

Question 3:If you and your best friend had an argument over a guy/girl you both like, what would you do?
Give up the guy/girl, so that your friend could have him/her
Both of you agree to not like him/her any more then a friend, so that it wont ruin your friendship
Beat your friend to the ground over the guy/girl

Question 4:If you liked your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend what would you do?
Forget your friend, why would you need a friend when you have a man/women??
Tell your friend how you feel about her boyfriend/girlfriend
Keep your feelings to yourself and not let the guy/girl know your feelings either

Question 5:If your friend shoplifted while you were with her/him, how would you handle it?
Ask her not to do it while you are with her/him
Tell on her/him
Shoplift with her/him

Question 6:If a friend of yours was planning on committing a serious crime that could get him/her in alot of trouble, how would you handle the situation?
Do it with him/her, hey your friends...why not do EVERYTHING together?
Try to talk him/her out of doing it
Tell a responsible adult that you trust and who you know will help with out causing problems for your friend
Tell them to go ahead do it, but just don't get caught...if you do, I don’t know your plans

Question 7:If your friend was going to smoke pot, but you knew it would hurt his health terribly because of previous problems, what would you do?
Try and talk your friend out of smoking it
Allow him to do it, but be there for him incase anything happens
Let him do it, and then leave with other friends

Question 8:If you and your friend wanted to hang out over the weekend with a large group of friends...but the only way your friend can go out is if she/he cleans the house....which is a complete mess and would take many hours of work...what would you do?
Leave them
Stay with him/her and clean the house, then go out with friends when you are both ready
Both of you just hang out at his/her house all night

Question 9:If you and your friend got in an argument over some thing really stupid that didn't even matter, and you stopped talking for a few days...what would you do?
If he/she doesn't talk to me, why should I talk to him/her??
Try talking to them a little bit, and if they don't talk much, just give up
Talk to her/him and not let him/her be mad at you anymore...make sure everything is cool between you two

Question 10:If you are shopping with your friend and she/heed a dollar to buy the Cd she/he has been wanting for ever, but you also need the dollar to buy a drink before you leave, what do you do?
hey its only a dollar and its only a drink, I can get a drink when I get home
Give them the dollar, but tell them they HAVE to give you back a dollar later, like before you leave so you can get a drink
NO WAY! hey, its my money, they can always buy the Cd later

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