~*~*Friendship Test~*~*
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~*~*Friendship Test~*~*

Hi! How are you!? Ready to see if you are a good friend? If you can uphold a nice, healthy friendship? This is the test for you!

Question 1:(Before I give you the first question, please be COMPLETELY honest while you take this evaluation. I repeat, COMPLETELY honest. No exceptions). Now for the first question: Your parents hate your friend, so you.....
Invite him/her over, so your parents can get to know them a little better.
Tell your parents what a great friend they are to you. Maybe they will understand.
Tell your friend that you are through with them!

Question 2:Your friend auditions for a play, and was pretty bad! So you.....
Remind him/her that the stage crew needs help.
Tell him/her that you are proud that they tried their best.
Tell them that they sucked.

Question 3:Your friend borrowed a CD two months ago that you are dying to get back, so you.....
Demend that he/she returns it.
Buy him/her a copy for their birthday.
Ask that they return it.

Question 4:Your friend has a new girlfriend, while you are still single, so you.....
Are happy for him/her.
Break them up.
Hope that he/she has some cute friends that are willing to hook up with you.

Question 5:Your friend wants to date your ex, so you.....
become furious.
Tell him/her to go for it.
Pretend not to care.

Question 6:Your friend is arguing (and looks like about to get in a fight with) someone way bigger than they are. You.....
leave the scene, feeling bad (heck, they are twice the size you are).
create a scene to for your friend.
try to break it up peacefully.

Question 7:A group of people are bad-mouthing your friend. You.....
join in (what the heck, he/she does kind of get on your nerves, now that you think of it).
defend your friend.
ignore it. They will probably be talking behind someone else's back tomorrow)!

Question 8:You and your friend both try out for the football/cheerleading team. He/she gets it, you don't. So you.....
stop talking to him/her.
tell them you are honestly happy for them (which you are), but deep, deep down, it's killing you!
praise him/her for their achievements.

Question 9:You and your friend have totally different tastes in music, so you.....
decide to get a friend that has the same musical tastes.
brush it off (it is only music)!
think they are insane for liking that kind of music, but respect their choice.

Question 10:Your friend always calls you during your favorite television shows, so you.....
tell them to call you back.
listen every-now-and-then, not really paying attention (come on, it your favorite show)!
yell at them widly.

Question 11:You and your friend have the same crush, so you.....
lie, telling him/her that your friend is already taken.
tell him/her to go for it.
make a pact that no girl/guy will come between you two.

Question 12:Your friend does not like your girlfriend/boyfriend, he/she is always talking about him or her. You.....
ask/tell him/her to chill out.
let it go, for friendship's sake.
stop being their friend (why not, it IS your girlfriend afterall)!

Question 13:Your friend gets their driver's license, you do not. So you.....
are truly happy for him/her.
are jealous, but still praise him/her.
hate him.

Question 14:Do you and your friend get into fights frequently (once every 2 weeks or so)?

Question 15:Did you lie about anything on this evaluation?
I tried to answer them as best I could, yet there is no guarantee.......

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