How good of a friend are you?
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How good of a friend are you?

This is a test of how good of a friend you are to others.

Question 1:When asked to go out with your friends on the weekend, you tell your friends that you are...
Hanging with your boyfriend.
Studying for a final and you're not interested.
Going with them. They're your friends.

Question 2:It's Christmas. What do you get them for their gift?
Christmas? Already?
Something nice, but inexpensive.

Question 3:Your friends ask you for your advice about a problem that they're having. You...
Tell them that you're not interested in their problem.
Tell them that you'll help, but end up leaving with someone else.
Give them the best advice that you can.

Question 4:Your ideal weekends are...
Being with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Sitting at home.
Hanging with your friends.

Question 5:When asked for your opinion, you...
Lie to not hurt their feelings.
Don't ever give your opinion because it's not wanted.
Tell them your most honest answer.

Question 6:Are you bad about ditching your friends for your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Yes. They're more important than my friends.
No. I space out my time.

Question 7:Your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't like your friends. What do you do?
Take my friends. They're always going to be hre no matter what.
Ditch my friends for my boyfriend/girlfriend.
Neither...Just go with the flow.

Question 8:Do you and your friends always agree?
No...There is always problems.
Yes...We're perfect.
Sometimes...We're always supposed to have arguements.

Question 9:What's more important...Your friends or boyfriends/girlfriends?
Neither....I like them the same.

Question 10:What did you think about this test?
It was great
It sucked
It was alright

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