Is your friend jealous of you? Quiz

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If you ever had a friend who makes you feel like she is competing with you? Think she may be jealous? You should take this test to find out.

  • 1
    Does she compliment you on your looks?
  • 2
    She compares her body shape to yours.
  • 3
    Does she seem to act overly conceited only when around you when the two of you are in the presence of men?( like she's looking for attention!)

  • 4
    Does she try to mimic what you have or do?
  • 5
    When you guys argue, it's usually started by her about she's looking for reason to fight/argue?
  • 6
    If she's single...does she seem to have to have a lot to say about your man...usually negative?

  • 7
    She has accused you of being jealous of her
  • 8
    She's not as attractive as you are and men are usually more drawn to you physically/emotionally
  • 9
    She dates losers and your in a happy relationship
  • 10
    Has she ever told you she loves you and you felt it was genuine?

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199 days ago
I knew it thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !😂😂
199 days ago
My friend is jealous of me and I knew it I knew she didn't like me I swar there was no point taking this I fell like it was obvious so……;)
290 days ago
just asi predicted... she hates me.yay
i hate her back so...;)
720 days ago
it said i got 2 out of 10 right what the heck my opine wow 😍*
972 days ago
Girl, your friend is hating on you. Do like I did, keep her around, act like everything is OK, and make her hate you more?
God I know she is. But since she's the only friend my parents approve of for some reason, I have to keep her around. She has these things we call her bad days. Let's call her Akuji. She's nice on some days so I can't just ditch her.
986 days ago
Now that I think about it, she's never complimented me, congratulated me, or anything. When I got a solo song for a concert in school, she was like," OK. I'm pretty sure our teacher just felt bad for you 'cause your a nobody." She acts so cute and sweet. She's crushing on one of my best friends, when I asked her, she said, "No. Are you? Do you want me to tell your boyfriend that your cheating?" I was like What the %$#@. She's never been nice. I remember when I was in elementary school, there was this "rap" part in a song. I lost my voice the day before, so i couldn't audition. She got the part, and when she saw me, she said, "Well, look who's the better rapper." I said, "Oh, I'm the better rapper, but you're about to be the better wrapper because Imma smoosh you flat." Don't judge me. I was in severe depression for a long time, until my loyal friend helped me back. Too bad she's moving in September :(. All my loyal friends are, but she was the most loyal. I can't believe my jealous friend though! She kept throwing pencils at me and one stabbed me in the eye. Luckily, it was the eraser part. I was making my final art project when she walked over to me and ripped my paper in half! She threw it in the trash and said with a little smirk, "It was ugly..just like you." My boyfriend came up to her and told her to eff off. The art teacher didn't even see! My friend scampered because she's afraid of everyone except me.
986 days ago
my friend has been jealous of me for so long. I started dating the most popular guy in our grade and she was SO JEALOUS!! We asked her if she was crushing on my boyfriend, she was like ,No. But I do know you're too ugly for him." Everyone actually says I'm really pretty. When I told her to frick off, she was like 'fine.' I did one of those 3,2,1, TikTok sort of things, and she actually came back to me on time saying,"Please. I'm sorry." My other friends have noticed I'm jealous. I became friends with her because I felt sorry that everyone branded her as a loser and a snitch. Now, Irealize they were right. I keep telling her to go, but she won't stop. I changed her from a nobody to a sort-of somebody. She's taking me for granted. Once, she almost punched me when my other friend came in and grabbed her fist. We told her to frick off. My friend and I have bonded so much. I know I can trust her. Thanks my friend!
1241 days ago
Okay I have one smart, kind, selfless friend. I love her to death she always makes me smile she is such a good friend! However my other friend gets jealous of her. (her body shape isn't perfect). She's always a pestimest when it comes to my friends. I don't know if it's her wanting to be special, but I hate it!
I ditched her a little while ago because she was too smug. Unfortunately now I'm moving. I'm sad I won't see my good friend again, but lately, my other friend has been talking smack about me and exposing my crush. I feel so alone and happy that my other comforting friend is always there for me through thick and thin.
My other friend, friend 2, has apparently been telling my friends she wont miss me and will they? I felt so amazing when friend 1 stood up for me :3. She likes the same sport I do and I will always miss her so much!!!!!!!
1281 days ago
my best friend is also my ex girlfriend now im dating my another best friend is a girl she is jelaous of her dating me
1319 days ago
I love my friend to death. But I feel she’s coping me and taking my non mutual friends away from me. I got a new phone and next thing I know she has the same exact one! Also I see on her story she is video chatting with my other friends, and she started the call and didn’t even think of me. She’s also been really distant lately with my other friend let’s call her Ali. Ali has to go over to her house everyday now, but now it seems my friend is a other version of me and Ali is her. I don’t know why it feels like that but it’s kinda weird. It feels so good to get this off my chest.
1477 days ago
When I was in school I had to put up with my mate fobbing me off because she wanted to be with her bf on days off.
Now we are older my mate gets 🕊 because I want to spend my fiancé’s days off with him.
She can’t wait to throw in a bad word about him yet he is actually the nicest guy ever, he is slim and good looking and hard working and so so smart!
The real problem is that she is just such an unsavoury character most of the time that I can only bar her in small portions because when I see her a lot the negativity she puts out by putting my lifestyle down is just draining and toxic.
I ditched her for a year before now because it was either her or my bf but that was with someone else.
But I’m not letting her ruin this relationship for me just because I am happy doing practically the opposite of all her life choices.
When she’s nice it is like to good old days but She’s just not the girl I remember from school and I am sick of the 🕊 🤷🏻‍♀️
1477 days ago
1581 days ago
ok so this girl not tryna be arrogant but im very popular, smart,musical and sporty and shes not. I wanna be a singer-songwriter but she got a good role in the school play (cos i messed up the acting audition) and she tells me how jealous i am and how amazings he is
1650 days ago
My so called friend never gives me compliments. When I bought my first car she asked me why didn't I wait to buy a car instead of saying congratulations.always have negative things to say about any conversation pretaining to me.
1717 days ago
I have this awful friend and she is so obsessed with this boy that likes me(and I like him). So taking this test I can rub it in her face that she is jealous of me!
1768 days ago
Jennifer, in my class has been fishy, I took this test and I realized she is jealous!! Btw Erynn don't get angry it doesn't help. I have tried.
1770 days ago
That true she stopped me finding new love
1827 days ago
I was so surprised . It's like she immitates me when l open my blazzer she does the same
1834 days ago
I knew it !!!! She always talks behind my back and has never complimented me properly and has never in said the words congrats to me!!! Ok this proves it all :0
1835 days ago
i knew it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.