Hayley and Tashas Quiz
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Hayley and Tashas Quiz

just playing you? Here is where you can find out.

Question 1:   They say you can go shopping with you and ....
They say they're sick
totally blow you off
make other plans
They do
Tell you to take a hike

Question 2:   They say they're going to ask a guy out for you and....
they ignore you
ask them out for themselves
They change the story
Annoy him till he says NO!
they do and you and your man are the perfect couple

Question 3:   You try to talk to them and they....
Totally ignore everything you just said
They're nice and talk to you
Tell you they'll call you later but don't
Say they have better things to do
Walk away

Question 4:   Your friend says she hates another person....
Blows your plans off to hang with them
goes and talks to them any ways
Tell them your worse secret
Starts a rumor about you with that person
She never talks to them again

Question 5:   you break up with your boyfriend she...
Asks him out
Tells the whole world you broke up
She comforts you
Flirts with him
Kisses him

Question 6:   Someone tells an awful rumor about you she...
Stops it
Spreads it
Tells you it will blow off and ignores you from that day on
Beats the Crap out of the person
Makes another rumor even worse about you

Question 7:   She finds a 100 dollar bill she....
Tells you to back off and find your own
Starts to brag
thinks she is so cool
doesn't even tell you
Splits it 50/50 with you

Question 8:   A guy likes you she...
tells him you don't like him although you do
she asks him out herself and he says ya
encourages you to go out with him
she kisses him in front of you
says not to go out with him because she likes him

Question 9:   You love a pair of jeans but can't pay for them she...
buys them and rubs it in
ignores you because she doesn't like them
buys them for you
tells you she thinks there ugly
laugh at you for liking

Question 10:   You get your favorite skirt for your birthday and you friend borrows it and rips it so she...
doesn't tell you
buys you a new one
says "oops, sorry" and forgets she ever did it
thinks its a big joke and laughs when she tells you
just throws it out

This Quiz has been designed by Hayley and tash.