Is Your Friend A True Friend?💛

Wondering if your friendship is the real deal? Have you started to question whether your BFF truly has your back? Maybe you've had some doubts or noticed some shady behavior, like the unthinkable possibility of your friend stealing your crush (let's hope not!). Well, fret not!
Take this friend quiz to get some answers and good luck figuring it all out!

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    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?
    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?

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674 days ago
I hope I'm I'm true friend
686 days ago
yes i cried when i was leaving the school forever
691 days ago
i like how my bestfriend is a boy and its "soul sisters" or "she" or "her" everytime 💀
725 days ago
Hi if anyone says anything about how much you🚔or if they are mean to you about your🚔or the people you love make a shout out to me and I'll get right with you about how to cope with that! Have a blessed day and yes I would love to help you! ❤️
725 days ago
726 days ago
instead of using she i would use she/he
728 days ago
Yay!! She’s my soul sister! Go MAGGIE!
744 days ago
755 days ago
This girl in my class is so rude to me both of them.
760 days ago
My so called bff is mad at me and won’t talk to me because I didn’t sit with her at lunch and is being kinda mrant
773 days ago
This girl in my school is super rude to me. I hate he she’s jealous bc my bff sits by her crush.❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥😶‍🌫️😛😅☄️
777 days ago
and her name is chey
777 days ago
me and my friend wolf girl like me are besties we never fight,welll sometimes but we are true friends
780 days ago
Don't have close friends
809 days ago
this really helps me now she tells me the turth is more nice i love she is my besty
830 days ago
My best friend has two friend groups, the first one which consists of me and four others the 2 of the 4 are really close and the other two are close two, so when my bestie is not with us, then I feel left out. Her second group of friends consists of one girl who is not my favorite person in the world, (I don’t think she likes me) and she is my bestie’s #2 friend as I am #1 (that second group also consists of at least two other girls). I was having doubts one time if I was really her favorite friend. (For some reason I always want to be her favorite friend and so it makes me feel left out or upset sometimes when my best friend is with that second group. Is that bad?) so I took this test and it says we are soul sisters, I hope that is right! My best friend is moving away in at least a month anyways, it makes me really sad but we can’t convince her prarents soooo… 😭😭
854 days ago
I found this rly helpful as she says I’m her “best” friend but she always avoids me and when she is with me all she says is that she wishes she were someplace else. She also loves telling me all about all her “cool” new friends!! Because obviously🙄 there all better than me, because I’m, according to her, boring, ugly, and basically the worst “best” friend. Nice person huh. I got toxic. Obviously.
863 days ago
YEa only once as a joke
874 days ago
Literally. She even hates my guy..
883 days ago
No but she gave me advice and told me to cut him off cause he was toxic