Is Your Friend A True Friend?๐Ÿ’›

Wondering if your friendship is the real deal? Have you started to question whether your BFF truly has your back? Maybe you've had some doubts or noticed some shady behavior, like the unthinkable possibility of your friend stealing your crush (let's hope not!). Well, fret not!
Take this friend quiz to get some answers and good luck figuring it all out!

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    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?
    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?

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883 days ago
No. Her friend will tell me if she dud but they didnโ€™t. So no. And plus Iโ€™m always wit her and she donโ€™t give no Iโ€™ve been talking about u vibes
883 days ago
We got into no fights m. Iโ€™m not saying that it will not happen. But rn..... we never got into a fight
883 days ago

Blue dart ๐ŸŽฏ ๐ŸŽฏ you can
886 days ago
We're soul sisters! Phew, I thought she was not really liking me anymore, considering she's spending more time then usual with other girls, and also not talking to me as much. But she's just meeting new friends, which is great, but it's making me nervous she's going to leave me bestfriendless. :c
887 days ago
Im same as @mooshka
My freinds can be said as freinds. But the problem is we never hangout or anything because we live far away from each and thats why we only meet at school,since im an 11 year old my parents dont allow me to have my own phones yet..i wish we were neibours and now were in pandemic we cannot see each other even a bit until school re opens! But im still glad their my freinds โ˜บ๏ธ
906 days ago
Why does the next question button have problems?!
919 days ago
pls help, if u can. If not, then ok but Iโ€™m worried.
919 days ago
So I got best BFF thing, and Iโ€™ve done loads of them. But sheโ€™s losing contact with me so idk if itโ€™s true... help!
930 days ago
Is Your Friend A True Friend?
You two are soul sisters all the way! You'll stay friends forever because your friendship is totally golden. I bet you'll still be tight in your golden years, in the nursing home, ha ha! Yay for you! Friends like this are one in a million! You are both very lucky.

So true! I have known my friend Madison since preschool and we have been BFFs ever since. Sure we have fights once in a while, but she's like my sister!
933 days ago
Love this quiz just amazing
943 days ago
True friends...always....I hope so
945 days ago
This is a true friend I've known her for like I'm over exaggerating I've known her over maybe a year now she's my best friend and her name is Maddie
947 days ago
True Friends,,โค
948 days ago
My friend is a soul sis?? WOW... get outta here!
962 days ago
965 days ago
Me and my best friend are standing in the rain of loves so no umbrella can stop the rain of love we are standing in โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ
965 days ago
975 days ago
me and my best friend are best friends and if she like vanished for example i would cry and never stop love you gurl
979 days ago
I wanna test my Bestfriend if she is real or not we was Bestfriend for 1 year now
979 days ago
no joke my bestie and I have known each other since she was a month old ( I was 4 months old) we always have each otherโ€™s back and whether we are together or not NOTHING will ruin our relationship and I would give up anything for her. As long as I have her. Love you sisโค๏ธ