Is Your Friend A True Friend?💛

Wondering if your friendship is the real deal? Have you started to question whether your BFF truly has your back? Maybe you've had some doubts or noticed some shady behavior, like the unthinkable possibility of your friend stealing your crush (let's hope not!). Well, fret not!
Take this friend quiz to get some answers and good luck figuring it all out!

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    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?
    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?

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980 days ago
L can't go to the other page help me please
991 days ago
Well I figured out something that I actually wanted to hear that my friend hates me
999 days ago
I knew it!! She is a fake friend!!! (Her name is Saachi Mittu)
1005 days ago
How to make game
1006 days ago
My resalte said she is a true friend yay ;-;
1006 days ago
i knew she was a fake friend
1009 days ago
The question with the crush is a bit weird bc we are together in a relationship and at the same time bfs please fix that anyhow
1019 days ago
hey the question 7 is weird im a man and not gay so thats a problem
1020 days ago
Hello, I'm a bit confused at the start with the... swear. I think thats awful to ask. Please delete it?
1030 days ago
My friend didn't want to be friends with for a stupid reason. She didn't want to be friends with me because I am Bisexual. Though shes friends with a ton of people who are Bisexual. Even though I was her first friend at school and we live right next to each other. She broke friendship with me right before her bir thday too. Her Birthday is Feb 10. I hate her now though we still talk to each other and I'm never going to be friends with her ever again.
1042 days ago
I don't like my friend. She always starts drama then says I did it. I don't really think she is a true best friend
1043 days ago
this is very accurate. i hate my so called "best friend"
1047 days ago
If I had gotten a different answer, of course, I'd be saying different. This test is accurate for me.
1047 days ago
This test is fairly accurate.
1056 days ago
So it said dang,girl I'm not sure she's really a true friend but recently We haven't been able to see each other because covid -19 but I find she's annoying me a lot more and she ignores my texts and sometimes she sees it but doesn't respond and my crush texted her saying that he wants to get with her and she was saying no because she Likes you but I feel like she's lying she calls me dum all the time and always rolls her eyes at me we have been friends for 4 months now but at the same time she keeps my secrets and is there for me but she never answers ft
1061 days ago
how do these people no that we have fake or best friends my besties always there for me and she loves me we are so close
1071 days ago
she never stolen my crush or boyfriend but she like my guy but ist not stolen my guy
1074 days ago
i don't think shes a fake friend, i just think that i'm annoying her and the only reason i cry because of her is because i miss her. i've liked her for a bit now but i get judged bc we're both girls like what's so bad?
1080 days ago
wow 9 got true friend this is a really good test
1080 days ago
i think this quiz is a really good quiz but i wish that they were not any girl friend or boy friend questions so small kids can answer as these days they are being quite intelligent