Is She Really Your Friend, or Is She Just Using You? Quiz

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I have a "friend" whom I suspect isn't as friendly as she seems. Here is a quiz for those of you who have that problem, too.

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    How much do you hang out with her?
    How much do you hang out with her?

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54 days ago
Oops I misspelled my name
54 days ago
Vivi.. ur friend has the same name as me it kinda hurt my feelings 😭 I por. Won’t see this thoundefined
106 days ago
Ok I know I already posted a lot but I wanted to add that my “friend” is always whispering bad things about someone to her other friends and I think they are about me they don’t say a name but when I hear them the stuff they say match me depending on my outfit or the fact that I’m like the only girl in my middle school that doesn’t wear makeup. They literally insisted on of my family members right in my face and then were like oh wait is that your sibling and then they just walked away without apologizing.
106 days ago
Pls anyone respond when you get the chance
106 days ago
(Sorry it’s long but I really need help) (help me pls)

Ok so me and my “friend” started being friends not too long ago last just say a few months now. Here and her friend group only wanted to start hanging out with me when I helped them win a game in my P.E. class winning the whole group ice cream. They only really hung out with me and included me in things for the first week or 2 that we became “friends” then they stopped. We still talk but only when we need to do a project together in class and even then it’s kinda awkward and silent.

What I really wanted to say though was that I have a crush on my “friend” (the one I’ve been writing about). So anyway I have a crush on her ex-boyfriend. I know that your not supposed to date your friends ex but I think he might be into me and I don’t even know if she is really my friend or not.

(Again pls help me)
334 days ago
I had this friend who is 100% using me. She makes it all about her and she criticized me for gaveling my own opinion, she is toxic to me about my best friend, and makes everything about what she wants. She is so manipulating. She literally said “I though better if u, I am disappointed”, for be literally taking someone else’s side in an argument, there is more to the story, but it has been going on for two and a half years so I’m not going to talk the whole story, but I did end up blocking her and she when to a different school so i was sooo happy. I am still mad and I always felt uncomfortable around her. I would rather be alone than with her. (I guess I do love to be alone though so I guess that doesn’t really say anything it whatever) I might do a whole story sometime. We will we!
374 days ago
I am 15 at school I have a friend her name is lara she is a kinda sus with me and I don’t know why 2 months ago she asked me to hang out with her other friends when I see her she treating the other friend very well she is just sus with sometime she askes me for money and then I give her she said I will pay you back but she didn’t the next day again she asks me for money I said no this time than she ignores me until now am I being used or something I don’t know what to do undefined
382 days ago
So, I have a friend (let's call her Layla) Layla trusts me and I trust her. But she's in a different class and I'm moving schools. She said she'll miss me, and we still have church with each other, BUT I DONT WANT HER MOVING ON!
446 days ago
My "friend" is smart,popular and all the girls call him PET NAMES. I was a bit sick of it,so I took this test. and YES every conversation is ALL ABOUT HIM. I let him play on my game consol and all he did when we got back to school the next day was go on to our other friend about an embarrasing poster on the wall!
678 days ago
whenever i tell her something this bia copys me, but trys to make it better. she always trys to get boyfriends first, brag, be the spotlight. like girl stfu u annoying little 💗 I hate u sm i hope u see this alice
878 days ago
My friend and I have started planning a business to do in a few years. Lately we have been doing so many zoom calls and stuff. She just hanged up on my and no more replies to my messages even if she has seen them. One of her other close friends are leaving my school at the end of the year. I’m starting to wonder if she is just considering me as her spare friend. This business plan means so much to me and she isn’t taking it that seriously anymore. I really don’t know what to do, I want her to take my plan seriously and be the old loving friend she was!
928 days ago
This is my sticky situation:
I'm 14 and I used to have this friend Lydia who I'd known for years and she was super nice to me until she got a boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler is a chav (no offence) because he takes drugs and makes Lydia smoke weed The other day, I met Lydia and she smoked marijuana and Tyler almost made me smoke too even though I told him it's illegal. I told Lydia to break up with Tyler because what she was doing was wrong but she didn't listen to me and she still insists that she's my best freind but I'm not so sure nowSorry for going on and on but it needs to be said
983 days ago
My friend can sometimes just hang up without Talking or saying bye does this mean she doesnt like me .
Sometimes i get scared she keeps bragging about herself and I sometimes feel like she is using me and I don’t know if i can trust her even though we have been besties for life
991 days ago
Write now there in New York miss them a bunch
991 days ago
I think she’s mad at me for dating her brother
1063 days ago
What does it mean when my friend says she misses me, especially when I drive her to lunch. Is she using me?
1080 days ago
Guys, I need advice. I really want to be friends with this super popular girl, but since I don't wanna seem desperate, I just never talk to her(and when I do, I act like I'm not interested in talking to her). Don't call me weird, but now I'm always having fantasies of us hanging out with each other(no kissing; I have boy crushes and I'm not a lesiban if that's what ur wondering). Even though we have a few things in common, I just act like I don't care about what she cares about. I know if playing "try hard to get" and I know she'll never wanna be my friend if I keep on acting like this, but again, I don't want to seem desperate. What should I do??
1390 days ago
O I just remembered 2's fav colour is blue and my "friend" is pretending hers is too
1390 days ago
O yeah there is this girl who is smart (kinda a nerd tbh) and I think she wants to be her friend and is using me to look "cool" so (I'll just call other person 2) 2 likes her
1390 days ago
So I will see then hehehe