Is she really your friend or is she just using you? The quiz

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I have a "friend" whom I am suspicious that she isn't as friendly as she seems. So here is a quiz for those of you with that problem too.

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    How much do you hang out with her?
    How much do you hang out with her?

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200 days ago
whenever i tell her something this bia copys me, but trys to make it better. she always trys to get boyfriends first, brag, be the spotlight. like girl stfu u annoying little 💗 I hate u sm i hope u see this alice
400 days ago
My friend and I have started planning a business to do in a few years. Lately we have been doing so many zoom calls and stuff. She just hanged up on my and no more replies to my messages even if she has seen them. One of her other close friends are leaving my school at the end of the year. I’m starting to wonder if she is just considering me as her spare friend. This business plan means so much to me and she isn’t taking it that seriously anymore. I really don’t know what to do, I want her to take my plan seriously and be the old loving friend she was!
450 days ago
This is my sticky situation:
I'm 14 and I used to have this friend Lydia who I'd known for years and she was super nice to me until she got a boyfriend, Tyler. Tyler is a chav (no offence) because he takes drugs and makes Lydia smoke weed The other day, I met Lydia and she smoked marijuana and Tyler almost made me smoke too even though I told him it's illegal. I told Lydia to break up with Tyler because what she was doing was wrong but she didn't listen to me and she still insists that she's my best freind but I'm not so sure nowSorry for going on and on but it needs to be said
505 days ago
My friend can sometimes just hang up without Talking or saying bye does this mean she doesnt like me .
Sometimes i get scared she keeps bragging about herself and I sometimes feel like she is using me and I don’t know if i can trust her even though we have been besties for life
513 days ago
Write now there in New York miss them a bunch
513 days ago
I think she’s mad at me for dating her brother
585 days ago
What does it mean when my friend says she misses me, especially when I drive her to lunch. Is she using me?
602 days ago
Guys, I need advice. I really want to be friends with this super popular girl, but since I don't wanna seem desperate, I just never talk to her(and when I do, I act like I'm not interested in talking to her). Don't call me weird, but now I'm always having fantasies of us hanging out with each other(no kissing; I have boy crushes and I'm not a lesiban if that's what ur wondering). Even though we have a few things in common, I just act like I don't care about what she cares about. I know if playing "try hard to get" and I know she'll never wanna be my friend if I keep on acting like this, but again, I don't want to seem desperate. What should I do??
912 days ago
O I just remembered 2's fav colour is blue and my "friend" is pretending hers is too
912 days ago
O yeah there is this girl who is smart (kinda a nerd tbh) and I think she wants to be her friend and is using me to look "cool" so (I'll just call other person 2) 2 likes her
912 days ago
So I will see then hehehe
912 days ago
And also I am moving schools for next year (grade 7) but I am not going to tell to see if she cares because if she does she will email me and if no email then she clearly doesn't care and she was using me
912 days ago
So basically my friend and I were playing an online game and on the game I invited her to a party but she declined and I saw in the chat she was totally ignoring me. Also on the game she keeps going on when I'm not and I'm thinking "ok this has happened almost ever day, is she doing it on purpose??? because it's too much to be a coincidence
916 days ago
Okay so I am going to write a story right now about my drama filled life (even though I'm only in 5th grade!
Okay so my "best friend" of 4 years is controlling me, manipulating me and using me! It's like every day she wants me to hangout with her at lunch and recess but in class she TOTALLY ignores me and goes to hang out and sit with her crush. My two friends (I am just going to call them Sally and Shriha) hang out with me and my best friend every lunch and I am pretty sure my "best friend" ( I am going to call her Claudia ) is trying to turn them against me but they already know how manipulative Claudia is so they won't be sucked in to Claudia's controlling ways. Ok enough of the drama that is going on in my life with Claudia but I just wanted to mention One more thing, she called me her servant in 3rd grade. I got all her books for her, did her work for her and gave her my food for lunch. I didn't realize this was wrong so I continued that until the end of the year. Ok here is another friend drama that includes other people. Ok so I am going to name this person Kailey, she has Instagram and she DMs her friends and sends pics of messages sent to her then she screenshots the secret/message then photoshops it to send to other people. It's cruel and me and my friends are confronting and going to make her admit it. The thing is, my friends are delaying it so much that I'm wondering if we are actually going to do it. There is so much pressure, schoolwork and drama for me in school that sometimes my dreams become memories. Basically if I ask out my crush in my dream and went to bed, I wake up thinking that I asked out my crush because my dreams can really become memories or are so real that they feel like memories. And I can drift off to an imaginative world of mine that I can stare into for minutes before I come back into consciousness. Sorry that I'm ranting, I just needed to get this out because I really need to tell someone and my parents would probably think I'm weird. Anyways, please give me advice.
957 days ago
I still have no clue if my "friends" are real after this test. Most people aren't. Whatever. I don't need them anyways. I've always been a loner
1011 days ago
Whyyyyyyyy?????why did she change WHYYYYYYYYY?????help me i need a friend 😭😭😭😭😭the only one That Didint USE me whyyyyyyy?.......but why now i got no friends and i never Get a bff or a bf Whyy??is IT so much to Ask just to Get Sture friend(20 min after)
Ok I need tips😢😢😢
1103 days ago
ok so i have this 1 friend who i've been neighbors with since we were babies. anyway, last year she went to middle school (she goes to the public school but i don't) & her 1 best friend from elementary school moved away & she (my friend) had a hard time making friends.she came over like every day she could last year & we got really close. but now her old best friend from elementary school moved back & she's made so many more friends. i'm really happy 4 her but now she never hangs out anymore. but when i see her she's super nice 2 me & always gives me a big hug. i'm so confused. does any1 know what this means?
1141 days ago
She is good but not that much
1276 days ago
I've never really been very popular and I have friends, but they're at different schools. The only person that keeps me company is one girl, and she brags about herself SOOOOO much. She literally invites her self over to MY house and all we do is watch tv. She even told me that she never feels bad when someone's gives her money. Some best friend. >:/ I hope it's not always like this.
1277 days ago
I said hi to her in the hallway and she saw me and she didn’t respond and she kept talking to the popular girls she told me she wants to be popular 😭😭😭and I was in a fight with her and she was waiting for me to apologize she asked someone else if she should apologize to me and then she said sorry😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤