Is she really your friend?

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Is she a friend, enemy, or a frienemy? It's time to find out!

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    You don't know why, but you get the feeling she doesn't really like you...

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9 days ago
the comments are just random stuff .-.
73 days ago
All my friends have been turning there backs on me and Starting to realise that Most of my friends are fake.Shes my only BFF I have one other friend. But this girl is my main wanna see if shes a true friend! Never let someone walk over you! Your an awesome person and Deserve the world!!! Friends will come and go but only true friends will leave foot prints in your heart. Love yourself no matter what! You will always have people by your side even if you feel alone
249 days ago
What?! She is my BFFS forever!! We've been friends for a whole year, and I tell her everything like everything!
306 days ago
This is really cool
542 days ago
Really? I thougt this was a dating site.
542 days ago
Hello pooo is not my real name.
617 days ago
THat last comment was me
617 days ago
my frienemie has only texted twice in the last 2 weeks thank you a lot Hiba just proved the quizzes point
617 days ago
It's ok that we are lower then frienemies because I have my real friend
617 days ago
That last comment was me
617 days ago
617 days ago
I never thought we were friends and now we are not
617 days ago
Apparently I'm on the verge of frienemies. Which is believable 😶
667 days ago
Bruh n i g g a thog don’t care
667 days ago
this diddley darn jeccen quiz didn’t solve my marriage problems please send frog pics next year around 5th of September.
667 days ago
This quiz was made by a year 11 cheerleader from America, this is so bull 😻!
731 days ago
So, my friend ( at least I hope so..) is practically perfect. She's drop dead gorgeous, funny, super cute, and nice. I thought we were close and I told her a big important secret. But apperently, according to 1 of my friends she told him that we aren't rlly friends. Which kinda hurts because I thought we were close. I don't want to text her too much bc i dont want to seem annoying but idek what 2 say??
752 days ago
*typo-three, not tree
Thank you!
752 days ago
Last year, I got into a whole new friend group. I knew two of the girls pretty well that year, but the third, not so much. Her name is Paloma. I think she's amazing and supportive and overall a great person... But what does she think of me? This year, me and Paloma got a bit closer. I got to know her better and even told her my secrets, and she's kept them ever since. Last night I went to my other friend's sleepover. Paloma was there, and we hung out. We giggled and chased eachother around the house and she showered me with hugs. It was a great night and I'm glad she was there. We played truth or dare and I asked her how she felt when I first came to the tree of their table. She told me she was a bit jealous and upset, as if I was replacing her. I expected this and I told her I was so sorry. I would never intentionally hurt her like that. I told her that I'm sorta depressed. Paloma told me not to worry and gave me another hug. I really hope we are friends because I think she's a great person. But what do I do?
784 days ago
My friend said one mean thing to me today and I am bad with relationships because of my past and I panicked and took this quiz because I am a paranoid