Is She Really Your Friend? Quiz

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You think you know someone, and then boom! Suddenly you're questioning whether she's really your friend, your enemy, or somewhere confusingly in between—a frenemy, perhaps? We've all been there, navigating the complex landscape of friendships, frenemies, and everything in between. Whether your relationship is tighter than a pair of skinny jeans or you're on the brink of becoming sworn enemies, this quiz aims to give you the clarity you seek. So get ready to dive into those layers of friendship and discover the true nature of your relationship.

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    Do you get the feeling she doesn't really like you, but you don't know why?

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13 days ago
I have been friend with her since 4th but she met someone at 6th it’s 8th grade now and she’s has been spending lots of time with her. She has her own life she can live it but she just left like nothing it hurts but it’s whatever.
30 days ago
Me and her have a deep connection…
She’s my soul sister
I luv her
111 days ago
It said that I should End my friend ship!
215 days ago
result was fine but idk if people would agree.
310 days ago
This doesn’t work if you are a friend but only a new one. I am year 8 and I am trying this on people in year 9 but I don’t really talk to them. They make contact with me and one called me her bestie but otherwise I’m not sure. I mean their friends said I was the year 9s’ friend so yeah
593 days ago
i have alot of friends but not all of them are great. but shes mi bff so it hurts more
593 days ago
i know i sound like a bit of a baby but im actually not
593 days ago
mi bff is not really hanging with me NEmore. She has publicly insinuated im a baby several times and ever since mid 5th grade has been way more interested in boys and makeup. (shes always been a bit of a player but still) No offense to her but she isnt that pretty and in my opinion needs 2 work on her wardrobe (this is saying something considering mine) i have a big crush right now and very recently said all i care about is rainbows sparkles and my crush which hurt my feelings a lot. she has also been insulting me and says she was "just kidding" which hurts
830 days ago
I'm so sad I knew she didn't like me recently if this is true probably we really aren't meant to be...
1055 days ago
the comments are just random stuff .-.
1118 days ago
All my friends have been turning there backs on me and Starting to realise that Most of my friends are fake.Shes my only BFF I have one other friend. But this girl is my main wanna see if shes a true friend! Never let someone walk over you! Your an awesome person and Deserve the world!!! Friends will come and go but only true friends will leave foot prints in your heart. Love yourself no matter what! You will always have people by your side even if you feel alone
1295 days ago
What?! She is my BFFS forever!! We've been friends for a whole year, and I tell her everything like everything!
1351 days ago
This is really cool
1588 days ago
Really? I thougt this was a dating site.
1588 days ago
Hello pooo is not my real name.
1662 days ago
THat last comment was me
1663 days ago
my frienemie has only texted twice in the last 2 weeks thank you a lot Hiba just proved the quizzes point
1663 days ago
It's ok that we are lower then frienemies because I have my real friend
1663 days ago
That last comment was me
1663 days ago