Is He/She a True Friend? Quiz

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Let's face it: Not all friends are good ones. Take this quiz and see if your friend is fake, shady, an "accompanist," average, or a true friend.

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    What makes you question your friendship's status?

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306 days ago
i have one friend let's call her lily. so lily started out ok to be around and we share some of the same interests but we have this other friend lets call her rose and rose is AMAZING shes so nice and amazing to be around. so basically me lily and rose have a friend group sorta but it seems like lily just likes rose and not me. lately she has begun ignoring me altogether. i give her notes, she pushes them away and doesnt read them. i say LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY LILY over and over and she ignores me. she wont respond to my texts. and she tells all my secrets but whenever i threaten to tell one of hers she glares at me and goes "VIOLET" (not my real name i just like flower names lol) in this threatening voice. she also just randomly glares at me. so i basically just want to hang out with rose but lily STILL expects me to give her stuff! it's ridiculous.
309 days ago
My friends are amazing. Not just my BFFs, all of them. Especially my crush, who is not only hot, she's also REALLY nice and we've been friends since kindergarten. And my BFFs. Especially my BFFs. Everyone was very supportive when I came out and was really nice to me when my BFFs' jerky classmate who tries to take them away from me was mean to me. Even some friends 2 grades below that I don't talk to much! I now understand that I am not alone and that bullying and homophobia are everywhere. If you are homophobic or sexist, DON'T YOU DARE RESPOND TO ME BECAUSE I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE💑IN MY LIFE. I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF BULLYING AND HOMOPHOBIA IN MY WEEK AND I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED MORE OF IT. If you want to say something nice though, go ahead!
352 days ago
So i have this friend, let's call her Ella. Ella and I have been bffs for like 7 years when we started doing dance together. Ella lives in my neighbourhood and she used to hang out with this girl who let's call coco. Ella and I hadn't seen coco in a few years and all of a sudden they started to hang out. Coco is a year younger than me and Ella and I personally find her sort of annoying. Anyways I have this disease called polymorphus light eruption (basically hives from the sun) so im not able to hang out with them outside. Whenever I arrive at Ella's house she is never home and her brother says "shes out around the neighbourhood". And i just stare and say thanks. Whenever she is home though, she excpects me to go outside and get polymorphus light eruption! But whenever coco invites her she always says yes! I don't know what is happening but I really don't want to lose my best friend because I need her and I hope she needs me! She's been leaving me hanging for weeks and I'm devestated!!!
353 days ago
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatthed💋
353 days ago
My friend is really nice
362 days ago
There is this person, I'll call them Kelly. So, they haven't been the best friend, and most of our group and I have been talking about her being problematic. Basically, they have talked behind people's back, Homophobic because of religion, a person who does a lot of pranks and insults but they get upset/ offended if you do it back. Honestly, I don't know if I should try to resolve the problem or leave them. Kelly is moving to another school in a few months, and they had mental breakdowns because they are wondering why we try to avoid them. What should I do?
435 days ago
476 days ago

this quiz was confusing.I have a friend lets call her Ad. Im not sure whats going on but im just gonna unload on u.

Ad is kinda pushy, but im a quiet kid. I feel like she is how do i say it? well shes energetic and our energys and personalitys dont match that well. talking to her tires me.out and usually i go out of my way to not bump into her in the halwways, which is hard bc she goes outta her way to find ME.

I once suggestrd sitting with this girl,lets call her Ti. Ad didnt like Ti andtod me that. I was fine with that but me and Ti have similar personalitys so we ended up sitting together. Ad seems to be pretty fine with that tho.. Ad did try to kinda how do i say it??make me jeoles of Ti.

Now i got 2girls following me around which can be annoying when im trying tpo branch out and make new friends i have my orchestra buddies,but one of them met Ad. anf Ad didnt like the buddie. when Ad and Ti follow me around it feels like my friend interests who also seem to be intereted in me as a friend think oh,Max has friends already. They seem to be close... i guess i wont wave at them...

i wish i could eat lunch alone sometimes, im an introvert, but Ad and Ti always follow me. They dont seem to really get. the message. :/ Ad has this habit of following me. did i already mention that 50 times?? yeah. when i go up to talk to a potential friend, Ad will follow me and be like "Max? what are you doing?" and then my potential friend is gone into the middle school mob that happens when the bell rings.

I dont wanna push Ad away, i like being her friend. just not wat shes trying to be; best friends and maybe a bit more. What should i do??

One 8th grader and around five.6th graders have waved at me when Ad WAS NOT there. Is it worth sacrificing Ad to gain new friends? Ad gives me her undivided attention which as u can imagine, is tiring for a.introvert like me. Ad has asked my sexualitu, who i was attraced tooand stuff like that. is it a crush???

Well this needs to stop because i am really getting tired of it. Ad gives me gifts but i dont wanna make her feel like im using her to get stuff so im kinda being sorta guilted into this realationship. I honestly wouldnt mind going back to being lonley and sitting by myself at lumch. A couple days ago i was so tired i walked right past Ad and whenshe came over and asked y i didnt sit with her, i said i didntfeel like it. that is vedry far for me. it is hard to make melose my cool but i was kima streesed i guess. I ate a nice quiet lunch with Ti while i coud tell Ad was watching ruedully from five feetaway, is was just tired.

these friendship quizzes are a bit broad cause they cant cover every situatio.

Advice would be gratfully appreciated. Thanks
498 days ago
i dont tink ths is accurte. me and my bff havno oter friends cuz of covid.we only have echother. the test is sayingbshe has someon else she shares her deepest things with. she has emily but emilys a jerk and we both desided not to b her friend. meand brooke share our deepest secrets and gossip 2gether. (tru)
618 days ago
@Plz respond to this You did the right think, L and G are being jerky as of now. I'm praying that God will lay his healing hand on your your friendship.
670 days ago
i feel you girl. ik it doesn't fell like it right now but you did the right thing. thinking and praying for you:)
825 days ago
Sorry my comment is so long but if you could take the time to look at it that would be the world to me
825 days ago
Hi I was debating in my head weather or not I would put my story on here but I think it might be nice to get it off my chest. Anyway I never really liked choosing between people to be my best friend dk I had 3 best friends and I lost them all in the span of two days twice which doesn’t make a lot of sense till you read my story so I’ll start. Me and my BFF (lest call this one L) we’re having a lot of fights lately and I talked to a few people about it and there were other times too like she would call me names and stuff even after I asked her to stop then she started to not include me and a few times she hit me but she still acted like we were friends so I knew I had to end it and btw I don’t handle situations that are like right in the moment very well if that makes sense. But anyway I texted her and told her that we shouldn’t continue our friendship and she wasn’t taking it well at all and then a minute later she showed her mom the texts and she started being nice about it I’m guessing because her mom was behind her. She told me that she was going to break up with me soon anyway I asked her why she would not tell me which kinda pist me off but I was just done so I blocked her and deleted her contact then the next day my other BFF (let’s call her G) She was randomly ignoring me and she wouldn’t tell me why and I emailed her and told her if you’re just gonna ignore me then fine then she started calling names and she told me that everyone in the thought I was rude and she was talking about how L and her didn’t want to be friends anymore unless I started being nice and she didn’t even know what to tell me when I asked how was I not being nice and I told her fine I already stayed bye to L last night and then we just stopped talking then I found out I had a chance of having cancer and idk why I did this but I told them about it no one believed me and G told the teacher that I was lying about a serious thing and I almost got detention and then my third BFF let’s call her A she and I were like talking and stuff and then out of no where she moved across the class to sit away from me and it was really awkward but lucky we didn’t have many classes together and then like two weeks past and Gemma came up to me and was like I’m sorry I messed up can we stop ignoring each other and be friends again? I said yes because it seemed like she really meant it then me and A just kind of happened and we were friends again I could tell L was trying to be my friend again but I knew what was gonna happen as soon as I became her friend I knew why our fights lasted longer because I would tell her how I felt when she treated me bad and she would say sorry but then she wouldn’t stop but anyway a few weeks past and I noticed that they were kinda leaving me out because our school does this door decorating thing for the holidays and they wouldn’t let me help and then I was emailing G and and I was saying something that I guess was kind of confusing and she was talking about it during lunch and I was trying to explain but she kept interrupting me and then she was like do you guys wanna see the emails? And then L was like yea show us show us and L and i weren’t even friends at that time and I said “excuse me? Those are my private emails you have no right to share them!”and it’s not like I was swearing on there or anything I just want privacy you know? Then later I emailed G and told her wow now I’m really done being your friend and I know I shouldn’t have said this but I told her I hope you learn how to treat people! And we kinda said random stuff it was a blur then at volleyball practice G told me that A hated me so I texted her and asked her if she hated me so much why didn’t she just tell me then it was kind of a blur but I remember being mad enough that I had to block her then the next day I was CLEARLY looking at my shoes then L is like stop looking at me and I spin around because she was behind me and I was like I’m not but okay then G randomly yells out you called me selfish and put the d word infront of it and I was like wait I sent an email like that to my other friend because it’s an inside joke I didn’t send that to you then she threw her backpack and tried to open her computer to show me but it was broken 😑 but then I told her about all the names she called me so even if I did call her selfish which I didn’t how does that compare? Then our teacher luckily took us to a counselor to help us and idk what really happened to her but I changed my classes and now I’m with my other friends doing way better but I still miss them well not them but who they used to be and it 😍that there gone on the night before Christmas when I’d used to be to excited and extremely happy I was crying because I honestly thought outlet fights would be over by now we would usually get into fights that lasted like a day but it’s been a month since I talked to L and now I feel like there are just some things I need to say to her because I miss it I miss hanging out with her 24/7 and now I just regret it all and I have other friends I’ve lost friends before so why is it so hard now? Should I talk to them? Did I do the right thing? Plz help
865 days ago
But they do talk to me and we have the craziest and funniest conversations and our lunch might end up being 15 minutes of laughing. Yesterday one of my friends was more quiet around us than she normally is and when she talked she sounded angry she even kicked football at my leg two times but it's game though she was probably just taking it more seriously than we.
865 days ago
I have two friends it annoys me when theres questions like do they only talk to you when your not with a group well im never with a group i was lonely girl the whole fifth and sixth grade they are both the quiet and shy ones they won't come more than 10 metres nearlier to most of our classmates and they are quiet they might cheer but nobody would hear
919 days ago
Thanks to the person who created this test,I enjoyed it to the fullest. I have problems with homework,not only friendship. I have a lot of bad besties too,I am fed up because of them.
919 days ago
I check this place once a week for new comments! Let me know how you think.
919 days ago
Dude,I am a person who can't seem to say "No". That's my problem. Many people in my class are so outgoing and they can just utter so much words from their moth. But for me,the words are stuck inside! I can only get along with one friend,she's my real BFF to me. She's funny,too!
919 days ago
I have this friend,she's always friendly to everyone. She's super cute! I'm not sure if we are true friends but I truly like her a lot. During pair up activities,our teacher tell us to find a partner. But my friend and I just sit there,still. Why? We know we wanna partner each other! It's like we have telepathy. At the outside,she looks very different from me. But in the inside,she's totally like me! I think she probably likes me as a bestie too. I have another bestie. And I don't like her. She's spoilt,I wish I could tell her that but I don't know why I can't seem to let the words out of my mouth!
929 days ago
I'm 16, and I don't know why but this girl has put me through so much…I cry every night (because I hide my pain every day) When I told her abut my crush, she promised not to tell…and she told the whole school. Now my crush hates me, and he was the only light in my life. Then I went tough some trauma and drama. I was then depressed, I wa suicidal. But I didn't commit because I made another friend.