Is He/She a True Friend? Quiz

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Let's face it: Not all friends are good ones. Take this quiz and see if your friend is fake, shady, an "accompanist," average, or a true friend.

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    What makes you question your friendship's status?

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941 days ago
Hi, I'm 14 and I made freinds with this girl Lydia when I was 3 and we were really good freinds but there was this chav who is like the same age as me called Tyler, I used to have a crush on him when I was 13 but he did bad things and took drugs so now I hate him, anyway, Lydia liked him so he asked her our and she said yes, he's still her boyfriend but he makes her smoke weed and when I tell her to break up with him, she won't listen because she still loves him. Lydia changed alot and I think Tyler is a bad influence on her, now she takes drugs and smokes, I'm scared he'll do something seriously bad to her
950 days ago
Grace. You shouldn’t be friends with a person who puts you down. She is not a true friend. A real friend will at times be closer than a sister or brother.
I hope you find a true friend soon
1019 days ago
grace, i know it hurts, but you should get some better friends, i only have a few friends, but they'd take a bullet for me and id take a hand grenade for them, i know how it feels to be stabbed in the back, litteraly, my friend, who i have long since abandoned once stabbed me in the back with pair of scissors because we had an argument, the entire school hates me for making them feel inferior because of my intelligence and the loyalty i get from my friends, but i can shrug off the threats and the insults and the hate, even the occasional punch or kick, because i have vood friends to support me, everyone, take my advice, never turn your back on angry friends with scissors.
1043 days ago
ella.k- I feel like this as well. its really hard. especially as I hate the girl that thinks she is her best friend
1092 days ago
ella. k you should let your friend pick whoever she wants to be friends with. if youre really that desperate, be really nice to your friend and act really cool in front of her. This could backfire though.
1144 days ago
hi, i feel really horrible right now. i’ve been best friends with this girl for around a year or less, not long but we only had each other for almost 4 months since all of our old friends ignored me and she stood up for me. we do a club together that is on twice a week. whenever that club is on we’ll go round each other’s houses and that’s fine. she sometimes complains that the club isn’t great but i do kind of get it, she doesn’t complain about going round mine tho, and she invites me round hers. recently tho, i’ve realized that almost all of the girls in our group think that she’s their best friend and i don’t want to loose her. at lunch today she we were going into the hall to do just dance (as a joke) and me her and two other girls went in but she kept on leaving and trying to get the other people, i wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t that she kept trying to get this one girl, the one that thinks she’s her best friend. i know that she’s my best friend since she told me recently and on many occasions. i don’t want to loose her. i think i’m overreacting but i don’t know. someone reassure me and give me advice
1151 days ago
Wow I guess no one cares about me and my problems😞 maybe I’ll go take a bath
1152 days ago
*SIGH* i wish I knew how to tell her about this problem
1157 days ago
Btw I check this like every day so even if u don’t think I’ll see it:
I will
1158 days ago
Hey guys, if anyone sees this, please respond...

so I have this friend. She goes to church with me and she’s nice sometimes but lately I feel like we are growing apart. The other day, we were with a group and she put a piece of paper on my back. It didn’t even say anything, but it was so embarrassing and EVERYONE laughed! I felt like crying and she probably realized but didn’t say anything!
I wish she would understand how I feel too. Sometimes I don’t have my phone with me and she texts me. Then I don’t answer for a while because I don’t have my phone but she gets so madanyway!!
I think I need a better friend😭
So if anyone sees this pls answer and make me feel better🙋🏽‍♀️
1179 days ago
"They dont care about you as much as you think they do"
bruh i dont think she cares about me at all-
1191 days ago
Thanks everyone! I made this quiz so long ago and here i am
1236 days ago
I have this friend we’ve been besties for two years. At school I’m alone at recess every day. And she doesn’t seem to care. She never hangs out with me on recess anymore, she’s always with her other friend. I felt like I was always the one to ask if she wants to hang out. If we hung out it would always be me asking. So I got fed up with it and I decided to stop hanging out with her to see what she would do. For a month and a half she didn’t even talk to me. I would always see her with her other friend on recess. Then one day she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. She started telling me that she was in a fight with her other friend and I tried to be supportive. We hung out every recess for a whole week, I was so happy, but one day she didn’t come and that turned into weeks. I finally got the courage to ask her why and she said it was because her and her other friend are back together. She also said she was only hanging out with me on recess because her and her other friend were fighting. I tried to tell her how I feel but her dad showed up and she has to leave. She’s coming over today because my mom is helping her mom out by sitting her. I don’t know what to do, I feel like she doesn’t care about me anymore. Please help 🙂
1277 days ago
There’s this girl I’ve known for 9 years, and we’ve been best friends since we met. But now, we’ve started high school, and I dont know if I want to be her friend anymore. It’s killing me. She’s just started following me around like a lost puppy and just making random comments about her siblings and parents. It makes me so sad that I might want to end our friendship before homecoming, which is in like 2 weeks. Help.
1306 days ago
I have a friend at school. She's sweet, smart and nice to most people. She acts so sweet and inncent around everyone but when we are around she turns into a complete b****. She keeps trying to put me down by saying stuff indirectly like "I'm so tall and thin for my age. I just have the perfect body!!". This one time I solved a really hard math problem and she just goes, "Yeah you did this one time but remember I'm twice as smart as you will ever be." And another time this guy who I kept turning down kept annoying me and I asked him to leave me alone. She just tells me that I'm a big b**** for doing that. She makes rude comments and adds a no offence at the end. Today she was like, "You know everyone in this school sucks. And don't think I was gonna say except you. No offence". She's like super super rich and holidays to exotic places and talks non stop about it like "I'm only 15 and I have so many stamps on my passport!"
Guys help me!!!!
1378 days ago
No offense @Regan, but that’s not safe, do your parents know?!! What grade r u in??
1378 days ago
I got shady, Ik she is. We have been best friends for around 4 years. We fight all the time, she stole one of my other best friends and they used to be enemies! I feel like she is my only friend now, even though I hate her. She is so full of herself, her family’s kinda messed up (she many siblings she doesn’t even know abt, her parents are divorced but still live together) and Ik that, but that’s no excuse to be a jerk. My life isn’t as bad as hers, but once I told her something I’ve never told anyone before and she didn’t even care she just turned the conversation to herself and started talking abt guys.
1390 days ago
I honestly think i am the worst person she ever has encountered, i am always busy with the other crew doing parkour, and talking. I’ve invited her but she keeps getting mad and tells me “you like them better than me.” and walks off.. i just don’t understand! WHY CAN’T SHE JUST ADMIT THAT I’M THE WORST PERSON??? I COULD CHANGE MY STUPID PERSONALITY AND BECOME A GOOD PERSON, I COULD EVEN KILL MYSELF JUST TO STOP BEING SUCH A FAT JERK
1411 days ago
Ive know my best friend for 4 years. But he had a crush one me and he asked me out I said yes. And we kissed in the locker room and ever since them he always pulls me into the bathroom stalls and kisses me and stuff. I didnt have a problem with it until we were kissing once and one of his my other friends walked into the bathroom and saw to feet in the stall, he recognized a little braclet aroung my ankle and he called my name . the door wasnt locked so he opened it and saw that my shirt was off and so was nate's. He looked at nate and walked away. I ran after him and i called his name. he kept running but i caught him by the hand and stopped him. He told me that the only reason nate was dating me is cuz my other friend liked me. So i asked nate and he didnt give an answer so I just left him and told my ohter friend hayden that I was sorry and I hugged him. he pulled me closer and started kissing me. I kissed back but i just miis my friend nate. But me and hayden love eachother we kiss everytime and have had sex
1449 days ago

I totally relate. My old friend was taken away from me by this really mean person who hates me