Is He/She a True Friend? Quiz

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Let's face it: Not all friends are good ones. Take this quiz and see if your friend is fake, shady, an "accompanist," average, or a true friend.

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    What makes you question your friendship's status?

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1469 days ago
Woah this is very accurate
1497 days ago
I've known one of my friends from sense I was two! And aperently they are shady. They don't hang out with me very much when her other friends are around. And I don't really like her other friends very much, they use their phones too much, and they don't really care that I existed. So I just hang out with my friend's younger sister. 😔
At least I like her younger sister! I think were better friends then I am with her...
1521 days ago
I’ve had this good friend for 3 years, and i’m dating his best friend and he used to like me before but i never really noticed, and he asked me to be his gf before but i said no because he would be extremely rude to me, call me names and weird and i really wouldn’t understand why? Ever since i dated his best friend he’s changed completely, jokes i made would be stupid, he wouldn’t text me as much, i just feel like he hates me and dislikes me and just wishes i’d be gone.
1546 days ago
my so called "friend"is shady according 2 this quiz. she told me that my crush was dating someone and she made a fake instagram account using a fake name. today she told me she made it all up. does a true friend do that? i don't think so):
1571 days ago
so i have this "friend" who i just can't figure out. we've been friends 4 a really long time now but lately we haven't been hanging out. last year she hung out with me a bunch of times & i don't think she really had any other friends. but now she has a whole group of new friends & she never comes over anymore): she only saw me on halloween (with her new friends) cause we always hang out then & hung out with me once over the summer ( again with her new bff). i honestly feel like she uses me as a friend when she doesn't have anyone else. but when i see her on the street or wherever she always waves 2 me and smiles (she once even hugged me). i just wanna know if we're friends or not but i just don't get it):
1596 days ago
Me and my friend have been friends for a couple years now we have quite a lot in common. But there was a situation where she likes a boy and ever since it seems like she's changed a lot. Ik it's normal that ppl change but is it for the good or bad? Also, I am with this boy and confused on my relationship with him. I told her about it and SHE SLAPPED ME! DOES A TRUE FRIEND SLAP YOU?! Anyone who has come across a situation like this before and is able to fix it, old do ASAP
1646 days ago
Wow this quiz really has me speechless. It touches on things i really hadn’t thought of that deeply. People are really walking this world being fake!!! I’m very greatful for this quiz! Thanks!
1671 days ago
My so called freind is a shady! Who would have known-I know I do- lmao but Idc
1724 days ago
Grammar Cop, if you are a Grammar Cop, wouldn't you capitalize it since it is your title? Hmmm? Anyway, I've got a TRUE FRIEND!
This person obviously shows signs of love. They care and wish you the absolute best! Don't lose this person! You are lucky to have them! You guys are close!

My BFF is amazing. We both have a crush on the same boy, which is good sometimes because we get to talk about him all the time together. We have everything in common. Thank you, Courtney Gray!
1901 days ago
Thanks this really opened my mind. My friend is horrible
1960 days ago
She is a good friend but sometimes she just wonders off
2002 days ago
I have a friend here... she's a good person... i know that.... but sometimes, she can blame others for something they didnt do. Most of the time, she's nice to everyone... even the ones she hate.....
2132 days ago
They spelled "are" incorrectly in question 19....