Is this person a real friend or fake?

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I have had many fake friends in my past. I still have them now. A lot of people I know have either talked behind my back or made not funny but horrible jokes about me. So take this test. See if your friend is true or fake.

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    What does this person make you feel?

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688 days ago
My best friend hasn't spoken to me in months...
754 days ago
I got : You have a friend but not a great one, this friend has been a little mean towards you, but that doesn't mean you let them go. This friend will still be their if your sad or mad just they wont take it as well as others. Just see how it goes with this friend and if they bully you, pick on you or talk behind your back again leave and get a better friend.
762 days ago
830 days ago
i got:For 50% you are: YOU HAVE THE BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD! She is your partner in crime do not let her leave your life no matter what. You and your best friend will make the biggest risks for each other. If one of you died from murder I'm so sorry but your best friend wont be at your funeral… SHE WILL BE BEHIND BARS FOR KILLING WHOEVER KILLED YOU! What I'm trying to say is don't let this girl go:)
910 days ago
she really is my best friend. I really knew that but now I really know it. 😊