Is Your BFF Your True Friend? [Friendship Quiz for Girls Only]

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Have you wondered if your BFF is a true friend? This quiz will tell you, so try it now.

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    Does your BFF invite you to her home?

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1201 days ago
mY bEsT fRiEnD iS a GuY sO I cAnt AnsWeR QuEsTiOn OnE
1275 days ago
Honestly people. Best friends aren’t always the same gender! I am a girl, and when I tell people my best friend is a boy they start laughing. Is there something wrong with that?
1282 days ago
sorry that this doesnt fit here but i really need some advice..

How can I get back with my ex-Bff after 7 months?

Like its all my fault,I broke up with her to try and protect* her but it all backfired and now i miss her more than anything.She was my everything..

*This was at a point of my life where i was really suicidal and depressed.I wanted to kill myself after I broke up with her and thought that way she wouldnt be as upset,but it ended up not working and i lived (luckily)

Please if you see this help me..any advice is valuable..I looked everywhere💖😞
1305 days ago
This is bff, not is she in love with you. Stop it.
1305 days ago
Yep same nhyt. Anyways her name is Leah and she loves star trek. We r super bffs we've known each other 4ever. Her bday is Feb 9 2009 and mine is Feb 4 2009 yaaaas
1305 days ago
Great quiz!!!!!!!’ You guessed it right—- my BFF is the best bff anyone could wish for:))
1308 days ago
me and my bff are best friends we allways hang out at school all the time this is a good grade
1317 days ago
1364 days ago
my best and i been best for 21 years now we not talking she gay im bi she got new girlfriend im jelaous we have big fright now she wont talk to me
1390 days ago
I got she likes you but she not the best. Trueeeeeee. She's lesbian tho & I'm not sure what I am- what sexuality. But I don't like her back and scared to tell her the truth. Some one heeeeelp
1476 days ago
i have a friend named hailey she always disincludes me withher other friends and i've given her 10 chances and she swore on our friendship should i be her friend or no? help traumatized girl
1488 days ago
Person who commented below me:
I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU! I use to have a BFF like that but when I found out that she hated me so much I told her to never contact me again, get a life and to 💑 off
1541 days ago
And she tells all my sercets and she says so much bad things about me now I have no friends 💔💔😭😭😭😰😰😓😓😓😥😥😥😢😢😢and she lies and says it’s my fault the worst part is everybody believes
Why is she so lucky I have 0 friends 0 bf(haven’t even had one yet)0 persons to be with 0 persons to talk to 0 persons to trust 0 reasons to be happy 0 reasons to deserve this
Eh? (57973)4 minutes ago
I got don’t end this relationship and I did now I got a new friend that she hate and now she “likes her to” yea she hated her FROM THE FIRST TIME THEY LAYD EYES ON EACHOTHER and she calls me a 💗 selfish,mean,rude cruel b**** what did I do then try to be the best BFF ever??? I lived a nightmare so she would live a dream and she got 5 other bffs and I could even have 1 friend I meet once a week on one of my hobbies and I could talk to anyone then her or she say :why did you betray me ? All I said what’s this.
Another person:hi
Me:how was you weekend?
Another person:good how was yours?
Me:good bye
Another person:bye
She always yawn when I talk about my problems and say it’s cold but she doesn’t yawn when she talks.
She did say let’s be together so we can be more popular.
She says I can’t be with other people beascuse they “steal” me from her and it’s for my “best”.
She always want to know more sercets about me but doesn’t tell a dam secret about her.
She says to every BFF of hers vene me your the best and says to me in private :your 1% better than them.
She says everything bad about people ALL THE TIME I can’t remember 1 hour she hasn’t and I have known her for 3 years!!
And I did have to pretend I did care but I didn’t so I wanna say if this is so like your friend say this to her/him:
We aren’t bffs any and nothing can change it so you can have everyone but me follow you when your popular and I hate you stop lying and get a 💗 life.
2142 days ago
dude if meh B saw me crying she wouldn't just try and calm me down she help me bee the balls out f them ike she is AWESOME