True BFF Quiz - Test it now!

Are you and your BFF the best of all besties? This quiz will help you find out! So you two can feel even better about your awesome friendship...or maybe decide to work on a few things to make it better. No relationship is 100 percent perfect...see if yours is close!

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    Does your BFF always ask you if you want to go somewhere or play something?
    Does your BFF always ask you if you want to go somewhere or play something?

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34 days ago
Booya! 100% YAYYYYYY
142 days ago
I was really popular[still am] and I appreciated everyone but she was always my BFFAE
145 days ago
My best friend wouldn't care if I was hanging out with someone else I am in other groups-
210 days ago
I'm taller than all my BFF's. I feel like the odd one out, plus I'm 5.3 FT.
224 days ago
Bruh when me and my bff never fight we just team up and start fighting with other people
224 days ago
Me and my bff are closer than too peas in a pod
232 days ago
Coz she is my bestie
238 days ago
I meet my bff at school
244 days ago
I have known my bff for so long that everyone else seems like a stranger. Also I found a old birthday card she made for me when I was 5 and it’s so funny it said “Jillian you are my best friend...... alive”” I could not stop laughing and I sent it to her and she forgot about it LOL XD
249 days ago
My bffs and me met at school duhhhh lolz
257 days ago
i love this quiz make a nother one
258 days ago
Bruh who would kill there bff for 2 dollars it's nothing!!!!!!!
263 days ago
What the....?! Why would I take money in return for killling my BFF?! We are to small for that ! That question 14 creeped me out. I can't stop crying!
263 days ago
this quiz is cool! ❤️❤️
272 days ago
Thank you so much for making this!!!!!
272 days ago
yeah it is so awesome!!!!!!
272 days ago
This is a great quiz!!!!
272 days ago
)Me!! I'll be your friend
273 days ago
i like it anyone wanna be online friends?
274 days ago
This is really weird...the questions basically let you cHoOsE if they are your bff but I liked it