The BFF Test🤗

How strong is the bond between you and your BFF? Can you tell each other everything and tackle your problems together? Or is it rarely as rosy as it should be?
Having a best friend forever is great! You can talk on the phone almost all night, and it never feels like you're running out of things to say. You always have someone to talk to when you're feeling down, and you tackle the biggest problems together.
Is your friendship as good as you think? Take the test and find out!

  • 1
    How often do you argue?
    How often do you argue?
  • 2
    Do you like her family?
  • 3
    What do you think when you look at her?

  • 4
    Have you ever lied to her?
  • 5
    How long do your phone calls last?
  • 6
    What are you getting her for her birthday?

  • 7
    What is most important to you about a person's appearance?
  • 8
    How do you treat each other when one of you is in a relationship?
  • 9
    How did you meet each other?
  • 10
    Do you talk about your future?

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