Your Best Friend
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Your Best Friend

This test will help all of the people who can't decide who their best friends are.

Question 1:What does this person make you do when you think of them?
Get Sick
Get Angry
Get Scared

Question 2:Does this person always....
hit on you
play with you
make you happy
get on your nerves
ask to many questions

Question 3:Is this person a person you would like to......
be a sister or brother to
be around all the time
stop associating with

Question 4:How often do you think of this person?
1 time each day
all the time
2 times a week

Question 5:Do you
care for this person a lot
like buying gifts for this person
like spending time with this person
like talking to this person

Question 6:How often do you talk to this person?
once a week
twice a week

Question 7:Would you....
do anything to help this person
take up for this person
stay beside them in a tough situation
talk about them in a bad way to other friends because they are talking about them.

Question 8:At school or work
would you walk and talk with them any time you can
look at them and roll your eyes
stick up your finger
try to avoid them

Question 9:This person
accepts you for who you are
cares for you
is there for you

Question 10:This person is
happy to see you
always there for you
never rude to you
dislikes you

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