Friend a jerk?

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Is your friend/s a jerk? Find out if you guys were supposed to be good friends or ENEMIES!

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    Your so called "friend" insults or tells your secrets in front of the most coolest guy/s in school?

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468 days ago
we are also BFFs but she slips in comments about how i am NOT her BFF and she likes others better than me. Also, i tell her EVERYTHING and she wont tell me what she had for dinner bc she is so secritive about EVERYTHING! i acctualy think im going to stop being frineds with her...
468 days ago
So im in 6th grade and my BFF since 2nd grade replaced me, with this witch. She USED TO BE MY BFF but then my frined STOLE HER and then now they have fun little chats where they laugh about how horrible i am and then my friend, She manipulates everyone into doing what she wants, and does whatever she wants and then acts like the victim. I hate how everyone else LOVES her, because, I'VE SEEN HOW SHE ACTS. I know she does everything for attention, and I am INSECURE AND HAVE NO FREINDS bc she is like this. She screams at me for no reason and then if i say a single word she cries and acts like im some jerk. She never sais sorry! she twists my words so it looks like IM the one who did something whong and then she gets everything she wants. She has ALL the FRIENDS and ALL the LOVE and STILL she tries to take everything from me. I litteraly almost had to go to a the🌻 bc of how horrible she is to me. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
549 days ago
I have good friends...not trying to brag!!! If you are mad at me,I am sorry!
837 days ago
So, here's the thing. I am in high school and this group of friends i have been with since 3rd grade have absolutely ignored me, you could say, replaced me, with this witch who came last year. She manipulates everyone into doing what she wants, and does whatever she wants and then acts like the victim. Since she came to school, i've been insecure, because, I'VE SEEN HOW SHE ACTS. That same year, a former friend from that group had to change schools because she tried to "take the witch's mask off". She got bullied and left. THAT SAME YEAR, BECAUSE OF THE WITCH, i started harming myself. I stopped, but i still have issues. This group of "friends" know but haven't changed at all. They leave me out, never text me or talk to me, but act like friends face to face. I don't know what to do.
1093 days ago
I have a friend group and I have anxiety and a pinch of depression (yaaaay...!) so I tell my friends and... Guess what? There’s one who says I should just cry a river and get over it! Wow! Great friendship, huh? She makes jokes in front of my face about I want to die, behind my back (usually pretty cruel) and then acts as though she did nothing wrong! My god she was one of my closest friends too! She swears at me! Please send help T_T
1242 days ago
My friend just started making stuff up about me and it makes me feel like the worst person in the world.
1319 days ago
Ok so there is this girl I won’t say her name but all of a sudden she’s been a jerk. There’s another girl she hangs out with and everyone hates her because she’s very disrespectful twords others. Today when we were on FaceTime and she was watching a video as I was talking a bit and she mumbled “can you please shut the 🌻p like bruh” and I said what and then she said nothing. I don’t even talk that much. She’s been so 🌻y lately. I hung up on her because I was just done. I real,y don’t know what to do. She’s turned into an absolute brat. I don’t understand how she still has friends like me and my friends.
1352 days ago
Hey so I have a friend and shes a big jerk to me. We kind of have a whole group of friends (there's 6 of us) and we hang out at lunch and at school. In front of people she always tries and shades me and calls it a 'joke'. She'd be like: "If I had to kick someone out of the group it would be me" and she'd pretend its a joke when others got upset torwards her. She'd make faces at me when she thinks I don't see her. She brings down my self confidence and calls me ugly. She hangs out with popular snobs sometimes and always tries to cause drama. She keeps calling me names even though I haven't done anything to her. She always does that in front of her friends, not just me alone. She tries to make me feel bad. I draw and things and all she does is say "Ew its ugly!" and things. "It looks as ugly as you!" shes just a big snob. The only way my friends liked her is because she just walked to our table and sat down. She just got up in everyones business and just hung out with us. I want to kick her out because of her being a jerk. I cant stand up to her because she'd just make me fight her or she'd make me look bad. She just talks behind my back all the time.

Just needed to tell someone. Thanks for reading this. Any advice?
1688 days ago
1781 days ago
My friend knows everything about me, but I recently realized I know almost nothing about her. We both like to draw, in a cartoony style. If I show her my best work she just shows me everything wrong with it and doesn't say anything good (it is not constructive criticism). Half the time I actually disagree with what she thinks is "flaws". She seems to think her style is the only good style, even though I would say my art is a bit better than hers. She also is always showing how she is stronger, smarter, and better than me. She even used to physically hurt me show dominance, almost like a wolf. She sees me as below her. She has to make everything an argument, too. If I say that I like a certain thing, or that I have made a choice, she just says how I am wrong and anything I say she finds a witty response for. I always lose her mind games. She is never ok with me changing anything about anything. And she gets mad at me for no reason. If I ever speak up for myself, she just plays more mind games. The worst part is that she is my only friend, and both of our families have a super tight bond. She thinks everything is fine with our friendship. She honestly thinks that we are fine. Every once in a while she asks me what's wrong, which of course leads to more mind games.

Sorry for venting. Glad to get that off my chest. anonimous.
2162 days ago
My friend recently told secrets about me that I would rather her not share and it really hurt my feeling and then she acted like she did nothing. This really helped me figure out if I should stay friends with her.