Is your friend fake quiz! (for Girls)

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This quiz is based on my friend you will see in the quiz that a lot of the questions i'm asking seem odd but almost everything in the quiz my friend did to me so here we go!:) (p.s leave a comment on what results you got!)

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    Does your friend ever leave you out for other girls who are so called popular?

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50 days ago
251 days ago
At first me and my friend had a great relationship but then she started leaving me in school and acting like I didn't exist in front of our friends and other people. She will start a fight with me and then act like its all my fault. She puts me down on everything and is very [I don't like calling people names] stuck up. She called one of my other friends 'stuck up' and a female dog and when I told that friend what she had said she got very upset at me. I told her she cant be calling people stuff like that and her exact words where 'I'll call people whatever I want!'. She then told me that she wanted to take a break and that this friendship wasn't healthy then walked off. She let me walk home from school [ around an hour away from my house] in the pitch black while she got a ride home from her Grandma. She didn't even think to text or call to ask if I was getting home alright. She tells me the whole incident was my fault because it would not of happened if I hadn't told but I personally think I was right in telling. She also refuses to walk home on her own in the daylight saying that things have happened in daylight to but if that's right then why did she let me walk alone?
274 days ago
Idk because it said 50% she was real but not only did she flirt with my old crush, she full on liked him to! But the cherry on top is that Iโ€™m the one who first talked to her in the friend group. I was the first to laugh with her, I was the first to joke with her, I was even the first to work with her and she liked him when she knew I did. : (
312 days ago
but why should i not take dis quiz it said shes rel but she always cover her ear when italk...
312 days ago
i already know my friend is fake cuz in 2018 she accepted my friend request and in 2020 she said i aint her friend but atleast i have 3 real friends also almost everyone is my friend so idk how many we r
466 days ago
Question: Has she ever flirted with your crush?

Me: Naw she just flirts with me for fun lol-๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿค โœจ
512 days ago
The question: Has she ever flirted with your crush?
Me: She can't flirt with herself...
516 days ago
my friend has been fake for years hits my for no reason and I have scars from that and she talks behind my back saying she didnโ€™t and that I was itโ€™s so annoying
538 days ago
all of my friends are fake i took lots of these tests they all turned out fake friends.
552 days ago
My friends sometimes ask me some homeworks..
Actually it tired me but I tested this quiz it said I m lucky to have this friend. And I m shocked to see that.even though itโ€™s lucky enough.. so my depression just lighted and I m happy!
648 days ago
Fake friend tesr
655 days ago
Oh... She is... Well at least I still have friends... But hopefully...
664 days ago
I was honestly scared, because I look the depression quizz a few minutes ago and I got that I was becoming depressed, so I was scared. Luckily she isn't a fake friend so, yay!
683 days ago
My friend is a BARBIE DOLL((purple) Iโ€™m telling you BARBIE DOLL !!,
709 days ago
dang it sheโ€™s fake ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
868 days ago
always with other girls
880 days ago
We atento friendship anymore because she accused me
881 days ago
oofi really think she fake ik she fake but idk what to do
987 days ago
Bruh this test is really bad. The questions are dumb and I also already know that she's fake and in the other test it said that she was really fake and here it didn't so this is not a very good test...
2380 days ago
i took your other quiz and loved btw i'm homeschooles i'm guessing your homeschooled to but idrk anyway both quizzes helped out a lot thank you and make another quiz!!!