Do you have a fake friend?

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Having a fake friend is never nice, but this is how to find out if your supposed friend is fake or not.

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    Do they try and avoid you?

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11 days ago
My bsf who's fake just ditched me
360 days ago
ehehhee i have fake friens so thats nice
619 days ago
Waaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! My friends are Fake!(60%)
684 days ago
Also if people take this it’s not 100% true so don’t be so sad
684 days ago
I was hoping she wasn’t fake she was a roblox friend and blocked me today and I thought she might have been fake so I took this test and it said she was I’m not as sad as I was because it said she was fake but still it really hurt me that she blocked me I’m sorry to other people who have fake friends because I know other people have it worse than me I hope you stay safe and don’t have a fake friend
686 days ago
Awh my friends fake like i geussed....... she was my bff tho im rlly sad rn
896 days ago
Treat friends better fake friends
896 days ago
The fake friends in the world, 🦄!
896 days ago
And all of you out there crying cause you think you have fake friends, its hard to find a bff in the world and fake friends, 💝!
896 days ago
OMG I was so scared but I got WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS QUIZ? Your friend is amazing! I'm happy that you have such a caring, nice friend and you should be too 🌻
1022 days ago
Soooo... Yea i took this test for no reason i was just being dumb im Sooo glad this test said none my friends are fake cause i would never trust anyone again
1033 days ago
My friend is fake I wonder why I even took this test... I've known it forever I would have broke up with her but her mom would call my mom when ever I tried to then my mom would get mad at me then I would be forced to be her friend again she was always so mean leaving me out gossiping telling all my secrets😫... Family secrets mind you... She is one thing I don't miss (we moved away) but what makes me mad is now she is texting me and being all ☺ when I know deep down she is😈. Sigh...
1072 days ago
Dont even know why i took the test i mean ofc shes fake.she is stealing all my friends and actig like a boss cause her mom is a teacher and her dad has a multi job.😻ic girli know your schemes.i will end it
1079 days ago
Hi my friend is ......😢😢😢fake.......I'm so sad cause we told each others secrets but she didn't tell all of hersI guess...😢why mee?
1092 days ago
i cant beleive it after all those years she is fake i tought she loved me she acts like it but i guess its all FAKE! SHEILA MABOOBI GARI!!!