Friends or Foes
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Friends or Foes

Find out what type of friend you are.

Question 1:You and your friend have separate plans this weekend. You find out about a totally awesome party that you think the two of you should go to together. Do you...
tell her about it
not tell her about it
invite her along with you
invite her to come and bring along some more people
hint to her about it

Question 2:You just found out that the guy you had a huge crush on is going out with your best friend. Do you...
confront her about it
congratulate her
ask to come along with them on there first date
tell her you are no longer friends

Question 3:You and a friend have just snagged some front row tickets to a sold out concert. The day of the concert you friend becomes ill. Do you...
go to the concert without her
invite some one else to go in her place
decide not to go and stay home with her
promise to tape the concert for her

Question 4:You notice that lately your friend is avoiding you and you don't know why. Do you...
confront her to find out why
ask around to see if you can get any information
vow never to speak to her unless she speaks to you
wait until she feels like she wants to talk to you again

Question 5:If you were to go see one movie with your best friend what would it be?
Bring it on
The Mummy
The shining

Question 6:You have come across some information about your friend at school that you think could ruin her life. Do you...
tell her immediately
decide not to tell her
ask another person to tell her
wait until she hears it from someone else
stop the rumor from spreading

Question 7:It's time to go shopping for prom dresses. You and your friend decide to go together. When you get there you and your friend both notice the same dress at once. Do you...
take it for yourself and tell her to find a different one
tell her to take it
tell her that you should both go look for a different dress
both wear the same dress

Question 8:Which animal would be the best one to give to your friend?

Question 9:You and your friend both see the best looking guy you have ever seen in your lives. Do you..
compare notes to see who got a better look
space it off until you see him again
argue over who should get him
admire from afar

Question 10:How would you rank the guy your friend is dating?

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