Is Your Best Friend Trustworthy?

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Is your best friend hiding something from you? Does she tell your secrets to her other friends? Take this quiz and find out if he or she is really someone you can trust!

  • 1
    Do you like your best friend (as a friend)?
  • 2
    Does your friend ever tell you any of her secrets and problems?
  • 3
    Does your friend ever tell you any of his/her friend's secrets?

  • 4
    Do you go out places with your friend often? E.g., gaming arcade, movies, bowling, shopping?
  • 5
    Does your friend buy you presents on your birthday, or at least remember it?
  • 6
    Do your parents know your friend's parents well?

  • 7
    Do you tell your secrets to your friend?
  • 8
    Do you trust your friend?
  • 9
    Do you think your friend trusts you?
  • 10
    Are you ready to see your result?

Comments (32)


193 days ago
I trust her but she sometimes complains any stuff because when I introduced her to my guy friend,she just started talking and talking abt him and she once asked me "are u obsessed with him or sum",like he is my bestfriend,all 3 of us started a trio but she just thinks that I want him more then friends but I still trust her and we both trust and love each other,we always be anyways but yea if.....😳😏😂
211 days ago
This is great. I trust her not to tell my secrets and she can trust me and i hope she knows that.
484 days ago
This was really helpful! I always wonder if i should trust my best friends!
497 days ago
Your friend is a great friend. He/she loves being around you and wants your support at the worst times for them. Trust them, because they trust you.
508 days ago
I knew things were going bad between me and my friend but not this bad. My friend started liking things that were 'popular', and since I don't know and care for that stuff, she has started to ignore me. A bit before she started ignoring me we kept on having arguments that started off with her telling me that I was lazy, or her her telling me that something I said was wrong (which happened a lot). I wasn't really surprised with my results, though. Before we started getting into these arguments, we were besties. Now she hangs out with completely different people, and when I try to talk to her she gives me a disgusted look like I'm a moldy bit of pizza or something.

Thanks for the test. It'll help me to prepare if any other friend starts acting like this.
689 days ago
Thank you so much for making this quiz! I didn't realise how bad things actually were between us. Thank you!
818 days ago
I really like these quizes, this one really shows who i can trust i love this thank you
839 days ago
I'm taking this test for an online friend, I saw her face on zoom with a friend, i saw her tik tok, and i play roblox with her and shes a little younger than me, so i trust her.
920 days ago
Yeah.. I know I can’t trust them because they can’t keep secrets so I honestly don’t know why I did this test heh....hehe....ok ima stop this hehe business now hehehehe lol
1404 days ago
girl! Heather! Do NOT be afraid to tell people who you are! I have a bi friend and our whole class knows that! AND GUESS WHAT?! everyone is okay with it!
1404 days ago
girl! Heather! Do NOT be afraid to tell people who you are! I have a bi friend and our whole class knows that! AND GUESS WHAT?! everyone is okay with it!
1438 days ago
It told me the truth i can totally trust my friend we can never be to sure of these tests but i think this one is telling the truth
1438 days ago
hi good quiz
1460 days ago
My promblem is that in the beginning we were best friends and then a girl named hailey came along and stole her from me! She cursed at me but saphira(best friends name) didn’t care because she did it too. I asked her yesterday who she would choose and she choose hailey! What do I do I’m going through so much hurt!
1524 days ago
My best friend tells me everything about herself. I'm not a trusting person, so I haven't got the courage to tell her about my brother's slight mental problems-autism. I just know the secret will come out. And I was right. I'll never tell her. She uses me, copies my homework, and once even tried to steal money off my phone. Guys... it's terrible because this isn't the first time I've been betrayed. in my hometown, I lost Sally, who doesn't nswer my texts anymore. I lost Maddy, Grace , and Angelo... it hurts so bad :''''''� 39;(
1604 days ago
I trusted my best friend and she ended up stabbing me in the back. I have a problem where I put trust in people who don't deserve it.
1607 days ago
Yo me and my friend will be friends for life
1688 days ago
The fact is his name is Brian he never believe me I tell the truth about myself like my depression he get mad and he don't won't to talk about it like he never even talk with me about my depression he just he get mad when u tell the truth like my cuts he get mad at me and start to say I getting mad so stop talking about this even my abuse relationship I was in he get mad at that like when I try to open up about my life he just get mad me and him had a stupid arguments last night and I just tired of him
1756 days ago
so this is what it feels like to be trusted by someone that means a lot to you. 🚔
1775 days ago
Meant for that to be in fuchsia not to just say fuchsia at the start lol