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Do your friends really like you? You'll find out on this test your about to take....

Question 1:How many of your friends consider you being their best friend?
All of them of course!
Hardly any, I'm not very popular.
Yes, some of them, I would just call myself average.

Question 2:Do you think you are a very good friend?
No, I think I'm very selfish and greedy!
Sometimes, but nobody's perfect.
Always! I think my friends think of me as the Queen of England!

Question 3:If one of your friends has a crush on the same guy/girl you do,do you get mad and turn on them? Or just think it's ok?
I totally get jealous! Everytime her and I are around him, I totally push her away and hog him all to myself!
If she begins to flirt, I just sometimes laugh and pretend it's nothing.
No big deal! Almost every girl in the world likes him! I'll just have to get used to it!

Question 4:About how many times a week do you get in fights with your friends?
Almost everyday!
Never! My friends are so close to me! I love them!
Sometimes, but we all just usually forget about it and think it's nothing.

Question 5:Are you around your friends 24-7?
Nope! I hardly ever have time for them!
Always! Everyday after-school we hang out together!!
Sometimes, but I wouldn't just yet say 24-7.

Question 6:When you’re around your friends, do you feel like you want to just walk off, or are you always loving to be around them?
I'm always mad at them! I wish I had different friends!
Nope! Never! It's soo cool to be around my friends!
Sometimes, only when we get into arguments though.

Question 7:Do you think you and your friends will always stay in touch?
Yes, we all care for each that much!
I doubt it, none of us hardly ever get along!
Maybe? Who knows?

Question 8:Do you have a crush on one of your friend's boy/girlfriend's?
Yes! But I can't tell he/she or else he/she might get mad!
No, I have my own crush.
I don't know? I haven't seen them all yet.

Question 9:If you moved, would your friends miss you a lot?
Doubt it!
Of course!
Maybe? I'm not really that sure?

Question 10:Do your friends make you more or less confident about yourself?
Less, I hate that about them!
MORE! They are soo cool and nice to me!
Both, you never know what’s coming next out of their mouth!

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