Does My Best Friend Really Like Me?

Wondering about your so-called BFF's vibe lately? This test will show if you and your bestie are truly friends or not. I hope you get good news from taking it and don't end up crushed...but you do need to know how good your good friend is - or isn't.

  • 1
    How often do you and your best friend hang out?
    How often do you and your best friend hang out?
  • 2
    How often do you two talk/text?
  • 3
    Does your best friend seem distant? (Like he/she is drifting away?)

  • 4
    Do you feel yourself drifting away from your friend?
  • 5
    Do you ever lie awake or dream about your friend leaving you?
  • 6
    How would you react if your best friend suddenly dropped your friendship?

  • 7
    Out of the blue, your best friend posts on Facebook about some other girl/guy being her/his bestie. What do you do?
  • 8
    Your best friend kissed the love of your life, whom they know you've been crushing on forever. What do you say to them?
  • 9
    Does he/she know everything about you?
  • 10
    Could you see her/him in your future?

  • 11
    Would you take a trip with her/him?
  • 12
    What causes most of your fights?
  • 13
    Do you know much about your best friend?
  • 14
    How do you feel around them?
  • 15
    Would you end the friendship right now if you could?

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6 days ago
I just decided to take this quiz twice with two friends. It’s like opposites, for the one I’m kinda forced to be with they steal my stuff and always think about themself over anyone else, and for the other, holy cow, i just got 90% yeah, we’re totally fine! They left me once but now we’re much closer, i couldn’t imagine them leaving again, ha
7 days ago
I have a friend which I am going to call subject. Subject and me used to be besties for life, but we had many fights. Were still friends and she doesnt seem to want to talk to me at all. Shes hurt me so much and posted so many negative things about me. She even told me indirectly to unalive myself. I cant get over her because we were so close. Now shes so distant from me. We used to never be apart but now it just feels like we are planets apart. Whenever we text, I send sentences but she? She just says "kk", "lol", "haha","k" and things like that. I sent her a video saying "your my bestie" and she just left me on read. I cant seem to let go of her. I need a new bestfriend. Luckily, I am going to a new school. I can meet new people! BUT theres 2 problems. I have to get through summer and my teacher is making my class of now be the same there too. i want to just give up but I am gonna get through this! If you guys feel the same way I do, we can get through this!! Live your life with out toxic pricks!!YOU ARE THE BEST AND YOU DESEVRE THE BEST!! I LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF TOO!!!
10 days ago
I’m not gonna lie I think it’s hard for me to open up to people,, don’t get me wrong I always talk and make jokes but I never really let people get to know me, like the real me (sounds cheesy I know). anyways I think people see me as emotionless because of that, and recently by friends have been excluding me from hanging out or like talking about what’s going on in their lives, ex. crushes or family stuff. I just don’t know how to open up or to bring my feelings up to them. Hahahaha can’t believe I’m posting this-
18 days ago
I have a bestfriend, her name is Amy, she used to play with me a lot, when I join her game, she would say hi or call my name, but now, she has a boyfriend, and when I joined her, she won’t say anything. But when her boyfriend joins, she would say hi or call his name, idk why she is doing this, I wish she would understand me. She is just replying to me. I wish she could be a better person.
30 days ago
My best friend is the same age as me! He’s very caring and sweet! I always go to him when I am sad and need help or have had a bad day. We tell each other everything! When we were kids (6/7) we would have arguments about stupid small stuff that doesn’t matter but now (at 11 years old) we don’t fight but spread opinions because we know that we won’t be judged by each other ! His name is Robert and I am Lucy! undefined
31 days ago
my friend is a year older than me. She is very wise and very caring and logical. I knew her for 3 years and she was the only friend I could trust for a very long time.. We did fight few times, but it was mostly a misunderstanding and it was over. However, she suddenly blocked me and said she gave me "too many chances" a few days ago... I was very shocked and upset when I saw she wasn't interested anymore. She told me she loved me just a few days ago, helped me get over something and we were talking just fine a day before this happened. I don't know.. she didn't leave other group chats with me and was talking just fine with our other friends.. I want her back, but I'm not sure how to act. What do you think? Please help!! Thanks!
64 days ago
For 80% you are: You and your bestie are totally fine. Don't sweat the small stuff! You two are going to remain friends for a good long while, it seems to me. We should all have such a great friend - congratulations!
I’m glad because yesterday, my best friend came to my house for a sleepover and when my mum and I dropped her off at her house again I cried on the way back to my house. We still
have school holidays for another week and I really miss her. 😔 the good thing is when school is back, I see her 5 days a week, plus for a couple of house after school once a week for horse riding lessons.( she has 4 horses and her mum teaches us together )her family are so nice and welcome me over anytime. Our mums are really good friends too and our dads are like each other. we have been best friends for 5 years now (we met when we were 7 and are now 12) and if we stopped being friends I would literally cry everyday. Thankfully, that will never happen as willow is kind and always is there for me, she helps me to step out of my comfort zone and we have literally never fought. If we do it’s jokingly. We don’t keep big secrets from each other either. Willow and I get on sooo well and we have lots of things in common. Next year though, for college it is undecided yet but she may go to a different college to me. If she does though she will only go there for 2 years and then come to my school for electives and I will still she her for riding lessons and sleepovers and things I guess, if she does go it will be very sad but willow is going to try to go to my college as her brother is going their next year for the electives at my college.This I kinda long but I just needed to say this. ( I think in the future we might live together and start a horse business or just ride horses together)
68 days ago
Hahahahagagawags I am holding on but I need to let her go. Well thanks 🙂. I knew it. I’m always left on read or I get a reply like “ok” “lol” or “um”. I knew this was the end for us 🙂🔫
71 days ago
he basically now forgets about me when he's with his other friends
108 days ago
For 47% you are: Ready for your result? Sorry, but your "best friend" isn't your friend at all! You two either need to have a heart-to-heart talk or step away from each other. You need to find a new best friend, or maybe just some new friends. But you two shouldn't even be in the same room together, imo.
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thank bestie :)
109 days ago
Let’s talk about honesty you know nothing about honesty let’s talk about stuff that happened in the future who knows what will happen in the future hold on a second 🤔 so I have to think about it I did but my mama always told me that I was to Naïve so anyways anything else you wanna say come on you guys if I had a best friend be my best friend would do everything together have fun together eat drink whatever do something together I’m saying this from the heart don’t worry it’s OK I’m here with you
109 days ago
well anyways thank you guys for helping me
109 days ago
Well I have to say one more thing when you find a best friend one day your best friend is there for you it’s OK we all have best friends sometimes but don’t worry you have a team behind you always if you don’t have anybody on your side you have your best friend with you you can do anything that you imagine like it’s pretty hard to say and I’m saying this from the heart yes I am
109 days ago
This is why I don’t have any friends but my grandma always told me when you find a friend that means your best friend forever when you do things but it’s sad it breaks your heart sometimes I know it’s hard it’s OK don’t worry we all do it sometimes so don’t ask no questions but thank you
117 days ago

If only she just texted back! I feel like she and I would know so much more about each other. We used to be so close that we would literally jump into pools together holding hands (even if I had to drag her out because shes not as good a swimmer as I am) but now it feels like I would die for her and she would just walk away if either of us were in trouble. I have been trying to keep in contact with her because I get so sad when I try to tell her I don't want to be friends with her anymore, but even if I did successfully leave the friendship, our parents would force us together. any suggestions?
130 days ago
🌻!!!!! im soooooooo happy me and my bestie know each other inside and out, we are like sisters!!!k
139 days ago
okay so i rlly dont have friends on school but i have an ibf,i have been i so many calls with her my family LOVES her-im so close to her we talk everyday i just dont feel like our friendship is the same as before.i dont wanna drop her because she's always there for me when i need it,she dropped all her friends for me,and more stuff.shes the best bsf u can ever have
145 days ago
Idk, I am just holding on...I should just move on maybe
175 days ago
so basically my bestfriend moved away when i was 10 and she was my everything, but she still came down for birthdays and i went up to her but ever since i started highschool we havent even hungout and talked and i really need her but im to afraid to catch up with her because she's looks popular shes 10 x prettier than me and she has so much style and i have none of that, i get so much anxiety over this because i feel like she wont like me and im scared. i had a dream last night that i went to go see her and her family but she was with her friends and she ignored me and wanted nothing to do with me and i got so scared when i woke up because i miss her so much and i dont know how to ask her if she still wants to be my bestfriend, someone please give me some advice.
191 days ago
You and your bestie are totally fine. Don't sweat the small stuff! You two are going to remain friends for a good long while, it seems to me. We should all have such a great friend - congratulations!
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