Does your friend hate you? Quiz 7th grade

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Lots of people have friends that aren't, well FRIENDS. Here's the ultimate challenge- finding out. I've been through this plenty of times, so I could help you! ;)

  • 1
    How often do you talk?
  • 2
    Describe your conversations
  • 3
    What's your friend like when you're around?

  • 4
    How do you feel when you're together?
  • 5
    When in a group of friends, how does he/she act?
  • 6
    Do you feel comfortable telling he/she secrets?

  • 7
    Does he/she tell you secrets?
  • 8
    Do you have the same personality type?
  • 9
    Do you see her/him out of school?
  • 10
    How do you feel about this friend?

Comments (35)


160 days ago
Ok y'all this is fake,it literally gives "you and you're friend go wag back,give them a chance before they drop you" i tried alot of answers, didn't work.:/
318 days ago
he is sometimes rude but mostly nice and he has come to my house sometimes we facetime all the time is he my friend
401 days ago
EVERY SINGLE RESULT IS THE SAME BRUH I TRIE SO MANY ANSWERS AND IT ALL SAID "you and your friend go way back! give them a "chance" before you drop them." like DUDE
402 days ago
I mean, I love her ofc.! but sometimes she goes and doesnt talk to me for a week or three. She likes to agree with everything even if its something bad abt me, but when we are alone we are super close, we even have maching rings.
424 days ago
Sorry my thing Auto corrects it, forget the comment before this one
424 days ago
My friend she sits next to me at lunch and she only talks to another friend the whole time. I USE to have another friend but she bullied me and keeper switching from friends and not friends. My other friend promised me that I could play with them in a game the rest of the year but ditched me for my other friend. I took this quiz because I felt my friends drifting from me. After all we have been through 6 good years, filled with soccer practice, games, fun, friendship and now I am alone. Thanks reader gorgeous reading this.
463 days ago
I know my bff my whole life and Iike me never faught I am just happy cause of that and I am super lucky guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
482 days ago
i love my friend she's the best besties for life
489 days ago
it may be anxiety & insecurity but like kinda feeling hated😅 like me & one of my friends talk every day but the past few days every time i try to start a convo they’ve left me on read and/or made excuses why they haven’t been talking to me😌👍🏼 i’m probably just annoying so it’s my fault lolololl🥲👍
491 days ago
I am just insecure
493 days ago
My bestie ditched me for a guy 5 years older than her, and we are very very very young (preteens) and she blamed me after they broke up. They meet on Snapchat, I mean come on! We have known each other since forever. She told me she doesn't want to be friends anymore. But their relation ship was toxic. But I don't want to let her go, but I'm afraid it's' not up to me. Now I don't have my bestie, and that's my story.
Feeling broken, empty, and lonely. :(
502 days ago
Bpd go brrr :(
I feel like they All hate me bcs they cancelled plans at the last minute and hung out without me
620 days ago
Hello! I am a hooman who needs some advice plz!
Ppl in the story:
Me, Dave, Ally, Kid #1, Kid #2 Kid #3

My friend, let's say their name is...Dave. B/c of recent pandemic and online learning, I met him in a few of my online classes. He was really nice and would always goof around. I introduced him to my other friends, all much more introverted than me and Dave. We became amazing friends and he always would ship me with ppl. He got in a fight with my friend...let's say her name was...Ally. Dave got mad at Kid #1 who was mean to Kid #2 but they forgave each other and stuff. Dave was trying to defend Kid #2, and he didn't know that they forgave each other. Ally tried to explain to Dave what happened, but he felt that Kid #1 deserved what he gave him (nothing violent, just bad roles on Discord). Kid #1's 'punishment' made Ally mad and banned him from the server. I kept trying to talk to Dave, but he tries to respond as little as possible. Few days later and Kid #2, Kid #3, and Ally don't like Dave and blame him for talking to 'Ally's Enemy'. Dave doesn't know this, and I don't think Dave or Kid #1 deserves any more hate. Dave told me to forget about him and go with my friends that I already know. I wouldn't just forget about him, that's not what friends are for. He blocked me and we haven't talked since. I know that's he's a good person and I hope he's okay. I just got into middle school and this already happens. What a way to start at a new school. (Btw, Dave is a few years younger than me, he skipped a grade.)

What do I do?

Thank you for reading this and helping me. Your a great person. Even tho i don't know you, I hope u will be safe! And i hope this 'essay' wasn't t o o messed up xD
624 days ago
PEOPLE! I am looking through the comments and I see SO many people wanting to remain friends with trashy people that don't even like them. THEY ARE MANIPULATING YOU. I have had 3 toxic friends over the past 2 years and I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. It hurts and it stinks, I know, but if you don't let those toxic people go, they will seep into every part of your life and make you miserable. They aren't worth your happiness! Because of those 3 toxic friends, I now have anxiety, body dysmorphia, an overly guilty conscience and I hate myself. Leaving a friend behind may hurt, but what they will do to you mentally, is so much worse
644 days ago
i just feel left out all the time and i go home crying and feeling like really sad and she's giving me the vibes that she kinda hates me and has been lying to me but i love her somuch! like she is so loveable and everyone does but altely some other girls have been saying stuff like shes like bossing them around and i feel like i saw it coming but everyone would just forgive her bc she's like hot and super funny. i wish i knew why shes been gossiping and being inggnoring me.
681 days ago
ig I saw it coming
710 days ago
My bestfriend ditched me for my old friend who called me a 🚔 and a🚔but i have no idea why she ditched me and my old friend is now dating my ex. My ex bestfriend keeps swearing at me and ingoring me. And i have no idea what to do because my old friend and her keep builling me and wont leave me alone!
731 days ago
I always feel uncomfortable with this one friend of mine. She always asks me questions I'm not comfortable with,but it seems like she doesn't even care. I always feel like they are rude to me but thet just say that they're annoyed. I don't feel like i can do anything right at this point, i feel so miserable inside. We go to the same school but never go anywhere which is fine,but i always feel like i don't belong like I'm not worth having a friend. I don't blame her if she decides we are not friends but it kind of 😍because there's another girl who seems like my BESTEST friend,but if we were friends I'd have to put up with the other girl. I am so not looking forward to going back to that stupid school. :(
737 days ago
My best friend left me for something I didn’t do and now i am still doing the quiz even if i know she hates me for something I didn’t even do i feel so hurt because i have friends but they are not something i will just start talking about personal stuff and my other friends have other people that are closer to them so its hard for me that she also left the school and im stuck with my “friends”.. i feel like a string that they just want to be nice by letting me hang out witht them.. i feel so hurt
768 days ago
I don't know if my used to be best friend still like me because people have used me before and they told me they hate me and why would they be friends with me