Am I In A Toxic Friendship?👤

If you have to ask this question, then I am really sorry for you. Please take my 'Signs of a toxic friend quiz' now to help you discover whether you are indeed in a toxic friendship - and, if so, to see if it's worth trying to repair. Good luck! I hope my toxic friend test helps you and your friend.

  • 1
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
  • 2
    Do they treat you differently at different times, depending on who is around?
  • 3
    Do they keep your secrets?

  • 4
    Does your friend become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
  • 5
    Do they make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or frightened?
  • 6
    Are they possessive or clingy – always jealous of your other friends and insisting on always being with you?

  • 7
    Do they make you feel you are being controlled or manipulated?
  • 8
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
  • 9
    Do they gossip and judge a lot, creating a negative atmosphere?
  • 10
    Does your friend only think of their own self?

  • 11
    Do they seem to compete with you all the time?
  • 12
    Are they two-faced - i.e., do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
  • 13
    Have you ever caught them talking bad about you behind your back?
  • 14
    Is this friend ever mean to you?
  • 15
    Do you fight a lot?
  • 16
    Do they ever act aggressively toward you?

  • 17
    Can you be yourself when you are with them?
  • 18
    Do they make time for you?
  • 19
    Do they listen to you?

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31 days ago
I have been friends with is group of girls for about 1 year. They make me feel bad and call me ugly.
63 days ago
I took the result and it said I'm in a toxic friendship and i felt i been used after all these years later like there's this one boy i meet and months past by and i said "i think I'm over thinking again" they said "i told you, your so stupid asf" i felt like i been used for couple months and i never believe in friendship or any boys, i just wanna live a happy life after all, i tried hard to say something that i can't say, they controling me like a stupid freaking doll, i never forgive anyone after this all happened for 3 years, i hate to see him go, it just hurts to see him go and left me for good, i don't even on the internet i mean in real life, it is heartbroking.....

I may not come back to any quiz of yours or anyones bcs i know everything now.....
98 days ago
so there's this girl who i call my best friend, but i don't necessarily know if she thinks the same thing about me. let's call her Emma. So Emma is kind of a popular girl, but she doesn't realize it. Basically all the guys in our class have had a crush on her before. We have known each other for 2 years, and this is our third year knowing one another. The two years before this, we weren't friends, and we hadn't ever talked to each other, but this year we became best friends. Everything was going fine until she got a boyfriend. She always left me for him, and focused on him, and whenever we had partner assignments or anything, she'd just go straight to him. Emma always sat with him during class as well, leaving me all alone, because she was basically my only friend at that point. A few weeks later they broke up because Emma wasn't really feeling good about their relationship. Emma started hanging out with me again, and I was really happy. Everything was fine, until she suddenly became good friends with another girl in our class. Let's call her Faye. Faye told Emma about her crush, and they were suddenly all close now. I really liked both Faye and Emma, and I wanted to be friends with both of them, except they seemed to enjoy each other's company more than they enjoyed mine. Faye always wanted to sit next to Emma in classes, and Emma always wanted to sit next to Faye. A few days ago, we had a project, and we could get into pairs or groups of 3. Usually, me and Emma go together, but Emma and Faye decided amongst themselves that they'd go together, and when Faye's best friend walked upto them, Emma hugged her and said she should join them too. I was literally sitting next to them, watching this all play out, and they completely ignored me. I was stuck with some other people who i didn't work very well with. I was visibly upset, but Emma didn't care at all. Last week, when Faye literally didn't respond to her once, Emma got all worried and said we should cheer her up EVEN THOUGH FAYE WASN'T EVEN MAD, but when i'm actually feeling bad, Emma chose to ignore it. After that class ended, Emma walked upto me and acted all sweet and as if everything was normal. I genuinely don't know if it's a problem with me or whatever is going on.
98 days ago
Oh also I told the closest one (11 years friendship) -trigger warning ⚠️ mental health- that I was sh and that I want to off myself but she just stood there with a 🐤y face because she didn’t like how much I speak to her about my problems. My problems are my mental health and that my step mum is dying of cancer. And my mum could potentially have cancer too. I told my friends about my step mum but not my mum. I’m hurting right now and I have no one.
98 days ago
I am in a group of six and this new girl joined and she is kind of a dare devil. I was this new girl’s favourite and my friends fav too because they would always tell me things about their life and I would do the same intact I created the friend group. One of the frinds I had known for 11 years and the other (my two closest) would be there for me no matter what. Anyways the new girl joined ( it wasn’t a new school girl just a new edition to our friend group) and I was off school 2 days and instantly nobody liked me anymore. They would leave me out and tell me everything they were saying together (I wasn’t included) was because I wasn’t there. My friends would show off infront of this new girl and treat me horribly so this girl thought they were cool and it worked. They were a three and I was left out so as anyone would I got quite upset about it and the new friend said I was far too sensitive and I need to get over myself. Then my friends told me I talk about my problems too much. Eventually it turned into complete bullying online and apparently it was just their “humor” and I didn’t understand it. Apparently they don’t leave me out but include me and that is the was they are and I can’t do anything about that. Whereas there humor is blocking me and telling me I’m ugly fat and so on. There was countless 1 sided arguments about how they treat me but I would never wi because the new girl would manipulate me into apologising. So lots of drama and arguments. And this morning I went to se them before school and the things that came out there mouth was “why are you here?” And “you said you weren’t hanging out with us today?” . Whereas I never said hat that was completely made up. I miss my old friends and the way they used to love me. If you are reading this and you are kirstin or Emma. I miss you ❤️
149 days ago
My mums best friend has a daughter My age so I've been friends with her since I was a baby, but she doesn't treat me right, I think she feels dominant in out friend ship so she thinks she can do horrible things and get away with it, because in the past I've let her get away with it, she'll randomly become mad at me for like a week over things that are out of my control, she'll get so aggressively mad as soon as he she embarrasses me and I stand up for myself, she talks bad about me behind my back, she makes me feel worthless and controlled, and I feel like she almost bullies me, but if I drop the friend shop I think the bullying will get worse? Whay do I do
Pls help
167 days ago
My friend is falling away from me
And I 😍 love her
I hate it
192 days ago
The quiz said to try talking with them about their behaviors… I ALREADY DID! WITH A COUNSELOR! IT GOT WORSE! THEY OUTED MY FRIEND!

Sorry for all caps just ranting.
210 days ago
@Like god someone help me
bruh, just leave the friend group and if you still want to be with your crush then try sitting next to him in class or "accidently" bumping into him
211 days ago
So, My friendgroup had an argument with another group recently, and it was 3vs3, and we were all upset , but one was OBSESSED and, even after it had been solved, would not stop making fun of those girls we were against.
A few days later, that same girl was trying to force a boy in our group to go to a club, and he didn't want to. He was already in 3 unnecessary clubs beacause of her. She got very upset when the boy wanted to spend break with another kid. She forces that boy to play with us. She told a boy she didn't like him beacause he was the enemy.
He's nice enough.
Then, we got replaced, me more so than Eden.
And she didn't even CARE I went to another friendgroup. But no doubt she'll notice tomorrow.
And the friendgroup I hang out with are one of the 'enemies' and my crush.
211 days ago
I have the exact same problem as you ez, my best friend keeps on giving me panic attacks and when I tell her she doesn't care. When I tell her that it hurts me she starts complaining and saying that she is also sensible and cries a lot because of me. I don't know what to do. Please help!!!
217 days ago
Why I like you
224 days ago
join.I probably should just drop her but i cant. i know she probably doesnt know she's toxic, she probably doesn't even know what it means.

She vents to me so randomly, sometimes causing me to have panic attacks. She only talks when its relevant to her like she doesnt actually care about me. She claims I'm her "Number 1 always" but then if we're playing a game, she'll just leave if her friend wants to play smth else without telling me or inviting me to join. I know shes toxic. I know she's 😻 up my mental health. God, she makes me want to harm myself (there's other reasons i want to as well, but she's the main reason.) We're not talking atm and my mental health is going back up again, but the second we start talking again i just know i wont be able to deal with it. Shes my main friend still, even though we're not talking. I have 5 friends irl, but we don't rlly talk online. The person I'm talking about is online. I love her. I'm stupid lol.
224 days ago
I probably should have parted ways with her ages ago tbh. There were many times in the past when she barely seemed to consider me her friend at all, and made me feel I was just an annoying burden who just followed her around for no reason, but then again, time did its thing and we became best friends again like absolutely nothing happened (y'know, before she started forgetting I existed). But I think the bigger mistake I made was letting her 🚔 slide, letting her take complete advantage of me and barely thinking about how I felt for the sake of our 'friendship'.
Lesson learned: Cut off toxic friends before you yourself end up doing something stupid, so that no one gets hurt in the future. And KNOW when to, because those red flags could be right in front of you, but be careful.

This probably didn't make any sense, typing this at 1:39 am, but at the very least I let it all out.
224 days ago
Call me E - I was in a similar situation before, except I screwed something up really badly and couldn't fully make it up to mine before parting ways.
We were really good friends for a long time and did so much together, but unfortunately, time did its thing and eventually she completely forgot I was ever there when we were with our other friends, and heck I was right next to her most of the time and she didn't even speak to me unless she needed something. I did understand tho, I was too quiet most of the time, and that probably put it in her mind that I was boring compared to her other friends. Which I likely was, at least in her eyes. My inability to say no also added to me feeling somewhat used, etc. and that I never disagreed to anything she said.
The thing is, I only realised all that after I made my huge mistake (don't think I want to talk about it here). What made me struggle to make it up to her is knowing that she didn't care about how I felt about everything, and now, I'm stuck between knowing she was a bad friend and then thinking whether or not it was worth parting ways with someone I couldn't fully make up for my mistake to and maybe I should have spoken up more. I mean if I spoke more in the first place I probably wouldn't have been feeling 🕊, and she wouldn't have gotten bored of me in the first place. idek tho, looking back at things, I regret a lot, despite how she made me feel. But again, time did its thing, and I'm happy she's got friends she's closer to than me, and that I'm not bothering her anymore.
242 days ago
Hi its great to test wheather
262 days ago
So, my friend, I'll call her J. We are childhood friends. We met when we were very young. I find myself thinking that I like certain versions of her better than others. She is okay when we are alone together, but as soon as one of her other friends shows up, it's like I don't exist. She's done this before. She ignores me a lot. In the past, at my elementary school, she would, and now in high school too. For example, she was offering out candies she had in her pocket. She offered one to everyone in the group. Except me. We were in a circle, so it wasn't like she didn't see me. I didn't want one anyway but it was still hurtful that she didn't even bother asking me if I did. It seems like she doesn't care about me that much, and is eager to drop me if someone "better" comes along. Also, a few days ago I joined our hs drama club. That's a big step for me, as I am very shy and have social anxiety. I was telling her and another friend about how I was afraid I was going to regret it. Instead of saying "No you're going to do great!" She said this: "Yeah you're definitely going to regret it." and then continued to talk about herself. Because everything is about her. If she wouldn't do it, nobody else should either. It's all about her and I'm sick of it. She never seems to be interested in what I have to say. Whenever we talk, 99% of the time it's about her in some way. I barely get a word in. I know it's partly my fault because I am quiet and I don't make much of an effort to talk. But when I do, it doesn't seem to matter to her. And also, one time I tried to make new friends. These people were a grade younger than me, but I knew of them. I came up to them and asked to play volleyball with them, they said yes. Then after recess J asked me where I was. Like she cared. She didn't bother to find me. She probably didn't even notice I was gone. Then, at the next recess, she asked to play volleyball with us too. I feel like I can't do anything without J. I feel like if I stop hanging out with her, I won't make any friends ever again. The only people I know are through her. I don't know what to do. Am I the problem or is she? Am I overreacting? Please help.
317 days ago
So pretty much i have putting off actually reviewing and questioning my friendship with my best friend, mainly because I am usually very optimistic but lately(more than ever) my bff has been so astronomically negative that its almost unbearable. She is really hard to be around because of it. She also has this huge grudge against one of our 'closet friends' who I have been close with for four years, she hates her guts pretty much and is ALWAYS 🌻 talking her 24/7, even tho the girl has barely done anything to her, except for a few small things like lying and being rude a couple of times in the past, as if everyone doesn't have their bad moments. ( and also these 'things' happened quite literally two/three years ago) Anyway every single thing this girl does wrong gets my bff all angry and pissed of. She then acts like absolute besties with the girl. My bff always tries to get everyone to agree with her about this other girl and im not kidding she is bloody obsessed with this girl at this point. She always blames the bad things that she does on other people 'oh i did this because such and such did this to me first' like okay? Also my bff literally makes me feel like 🌻 half the time just with negative comments and stuff like that. She switches up around other people, mainly guys and ESPECIALLY around the guy she knows i like. Every time i mention him she has to one up me with 'oh yea well i know him better' or 'i used to talk to him all the time' or some ridiculous comment like that. She also makes fun of how i look like stuff i cant change. Every now and then its fine but its pretty constant. She also complains about how her perfectly clear ( and when i say perfect i mean absolutely perfect) skin when it literally has one or two small pimples. while im sitting there with extreme acne which i have had for SIX YEARS and finally the other day i was sick of it so i said something along the lines of "dont complain to me about that 🌻 bruh" in a joking manner to try and give her a bit of a message that i dont wanna hear about her tiny two pimples. She got SO SO SO mad and stalked off after grumbling some comment at me. Im quite a forgiving person who likes to see the best in people and she sometimes says im 'too nice' and i think she has figured out that she can get away with a lot around me. She also thinks im too innocent and that i dont break rules? no sure where she got that from. But she is always pushing me to do this that dont quite aline with my morals yk? but somehow she always makes me feel stupid and like a little kid. I love her but she just tiers me out so much and i lowkey hate being around her 90% of the time. She also has pretty much no other friends and i think im starting to see why. soemone plz help omg
324 days ago
She needs to listen to my problems. And doesn't
336 days ago
My friends seem to be growing more and more distant especially in the last few months. I feel like I can only truly call a few of them my friends but even some of those people hurt me sometimes. I don't think I'm the issue because a lot of them are problematic people who like to gossip and will feed on any drama. They never tell me anything but then proceed to tell everyone else; one of my good friends gave a friend I recently fell out with enough details on who my crush is for them to find out; they're all going out over the weekend, didn't invite me and planned the whole thing in front of me; and lastly when we had to pick partners for group work today, all my friends went with each other and I was the only one with no partner. The last 3 actually happened just today. My friend's are like leeches. They feed on my time, energy, support and sometimes even money and then never give me anything in return. I dread going to school because of them and every interaction leaves me drained. I have a few friends who are amazing but they're all in different year groups so I hardly see them. It all sucks.

Side note: why do we all have terrible friends?